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The Making Of A Documentary: Part Three


Victoria MarieThe words for the month are Awareness and Progress. As April came to a close and I reflected on all that had gone on I realized despite working 55-60 hours a week at my money job I still managed to get a lot done and really make some “progress” which I’ll share in more detail in a moment. Also by pouring over the vast amounts of information on Seed&Spark, my chosen crowd funding platform I learned the most important thing any filmmaker can do in the early stages is to find creative ways to bring “awareness” to their project which I will also go into more detail in a moment.

First an update from last month’s article. The logo is done. Yea!!! After doing some initial work with a few of the artists on Fiverr I started working with my mom who is a photoshop wizard. She learned how to work in photoshop for her own enjoyment however given we live on opposite coasts I didn’t know all the creative things that could be done in photoshop and that she was so good at it. So after several weeks of collaboration with my mom and many revisions later I present to you the logo and image that is now live on Facebook. If you head over to Facebook to take a look please give a “Like” to my page. Your support will not go unnoticed. It’s good karma.

new LOGO for VictoriaModel Alex B                                                                                     Photographer Daniel Ward

This same image will also be used across all social media platforms including my website.

And speaking of the website, it has not been done. Simply because I am a team of two for the moment (my mom and me) and did not have enough time. Again that money job keeps getting in the way. I hope to not need it for too much longer or just fewer hours. The website is top on my list so by next month’s article it will be done. I hope.

Bringing Awareness to one’s project should be the number one goal early on for any filmmaker. The more people who are aware of your project and want to see the movie get made and be a part of it the greater chance of success and of course that is the goal of any filmmaker. S U C C E S S! As I discussed in Part One the subject matter for this documentary found me. As a woman who had years ago decided not to color my hair and wear my natural gray I discovered an entire community of like minded Silver Sisters by the thousands on Facebook and the first thing I wanted to do was share with all of them my idea. I was and still am just bouncing off the walls with excitement. I am completely obsessed with making this happen and I want to bring everyone along with me for the ride so I am asking for everyone’s involvement as it’s just as much their film as it is mine. Currently I belong to approximately 20 different private Facebook groups for Silver Sisters so naturally I’m sharing my Ms. In The Biz articles every month with all of them and just recently I started an online art series titled “The Silver Sister Series” which is open to any Silver Sister. Below are the first four pieces my mom just completed this week.





As far as I have learned from all my research a filmmaker wants to have as much dialogue and interest in the movie before the crowd funding campaign in launched. It could be the greatest idea in the world but if no one knows about it, well then how’s it going to get made?

Progress boils down to putting one foot in front of the other. And in many ways having this deadline every month for my Ms. In The Biz articles keeps me on track. It’s my focus throughout the month and I even have a post-it of the due date in my kitchen so I see it every single day.


And speaking of Ms. In The Biz this is my go-to resource for research. It is chock full of so much valuable information and insight it cannot be overstated. One particular writer this month, Jaz Moore really resonated with me. As I read her articles I thought she was talking directly to me. I gained so much from reading about her experience as a first time director.

Some other smaller steps towards “progress” this month in no particular order are:

  • Talked with a trademark lawyer
  • Watched many hours of YouTube focusing on Twitter, Tweepi, Pinterest and SnapChat
  • Created a personal Pinterest account which I will follow up with a separate account for my movie
  • Continued to study all the material and requirements on Seed&Spark. I’ll have to decide soon on the timeline for the campaign and all that goes with that including the pitch video.
  • Reached out to several companies for the Thank You Gifts I have in mind for the campaign
  • Took an online crowd funding seminar
  • Donated to a Seed&Spark campaign, Wedlocked. I wanted to experience first hand what the experience would be for those who will donate to my movie.

For anyone thinking of venturing into the filmmaking world be ready to eat, sleep and drink your project. It’s what will carry you through too few hours of sleep and no personal time. At this point the only me time I have is my 2 hours of gym time every day. And staying connected to my friends and family even if it’s through emails and texts only. I’ve said before I’m thinking big for this film and I am. And it gets bigger everyday. Let’s see what next month brings. Can’t hardly wait!

Til next time…Victoria xox

Victoria Marie

About Victoria Marie

Victoria is an actress on the move. Starting her career later in life she realizes the odds are stacked against her but as she puts it “I just don’t care. I’d rather die trying than say I shoulda, coulda, woulda.” She is inspired by Kathryn Joosten’s journey and even has her picture as her main photo on her phone to remind her every single day of her journey. Victoria’s journey is being documented on her YouTube channel aptly named ‘Baby Boomer Actress.'