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How to be Relevant in this Competitive Digital World


Vicky AyalaJust when you thought you had everything in place.

– Visit my website? check.

– Connect with me on Instagram? check.

– Stalk me on Periscope? check.

While there’s always a new platform to test drive and create a profile on, being relevant has nothing to do with the latest new website.

When you setup your brand online, you are being visible.

When you leverage marketing opportunities with social media and email, you are increasing awareness.

Visibility and awareness don’t hold a candle to attention and it is here where your relevance lives.

When you look at the latest blockbuster, there’s a pretty clear formula that gets “rinsed and repeated.”

Cast bankable performers.

Spend twice your production budget on marketing and advertising.

Tell a familiar story.

There are some things you can’t always prepare for. The sexist actor and someone’s DUI mugshot are not usually baked into the marketing strategy and yes believe the hype that “all press IS good press.”


Because even the worst kind of attention is still attention and in this era of so much noise, attention is what you will need in order for your brand to stay relevant.

Here are some tips that will help you capture someone’s attention for your brand:

1) Ask. 

This is a simple yet practical action that very few people do. Ask your audience questions. Ask your audience for their feedback. Ask your audience to participate in a conversation. Engagement is a two way street unless you like speaking into the void.

Try this:

  1. a) Run a challenge on Instagram and ask your audience to join you.
  2. b) Send out periodic emails and ask your audience for permission to email them. (hint: your opt-in serves as the ask.)
  3. c) Host a Twitter party and ask your audience to share their stories.

2) Be interesting.

How DOES one be interesting? Well first you have truly KNOW yourself. “To thine own self be true” right?!

Do some introspection and figure out what is that compelling “thing” that makes you awesome? If you don’t know, ask people who know and love you. Sometimes when you’re in your own bubble, it’s hard to be objective so tapping the expertise of the people who know you best is a great way to get insight for what makes you interesting.

Try this:

  1. a) Get yourself interviewed. Find bloggers who write feature interviews and get on their radar. Afterwards see how people respond to your interview. This will not only help you practice with telling your story, it will also allow you to see what part of your story grabs people’s attention.

3) Create consistently.

The key to creating content is to be consistent and no being consistently inconsistent does not count.

If you’re on social media sharing then you’re creating consistently. All you need to do is shift your perspective and be more strategic with your content creation so that there’s a method to the madness.

Try this:

  1. a) Use a popular hashtag or craft your own. #MotivationMonday, #FoodieFriday, #WordlessWednesday
  2. b) Do experiments and share the journey. You can go on a roadtrip and share your adventures with a video blog. You can share your love for food by featuring local food trucks.

With attention comes intent. You want to grab someone’s focus so that they’re intentionally paying attention to what you say. When they’re captivated they are more likely to engage with you. Engagement means action which translates into whatever you’re measuring for your ROI.

Remember currency is not always money. Sometimes currency comes in the form of time, services, resources, information and attention.

Vicky Ayala

About Vicky Ayala

Vicky is a digital strategist and personal brand coach who works with multi-passionate soloprepreneurs and teaches them how to build a thriving online business. She muses on the entrepreneurial journey and uses storytelling as a vehicle for showing others how to design a lifestyle that’s on purpose and by design. She is also founder of The Brand Asylum, a virtual training academy for solopreneurs who want to leverage and launch their way to success.