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7 Easy Ways (and Reasons) To Go Out Every Day of the Week


On my blog, HAUTE MAFIOSO, I often share LA escapades and industry event outings, which range from music festivals to brand parties to movie premieres and more…

While I love giving the inside scoop on all these happenings — I want to make sure that readers are getting more out of my posts than just blurbs about past experiences. I want YOU to become a part of the Industry In-crowd; but to be IN-dustry, you’ve got to put yourself out there!

So get up, get dressed, and prepare yourself for a night out. But, “it’s a weekday,” you say? No matter. “Going out” is NOT synonymous with “Partying.”

DEFINITION of Going Out:

v. went (wĕnt), gone (gôn, gŏn), go·ing, goes (gōz)

  1. To move or travel; proceed:
  2. To extend between two points or in a certain direction;     b. To carry out an action to a certain point or extent

Going out {My interpretation}: Making the effort to do a [fun]activity which improves oneself, network and social life.

See also: Meeting others and expanding circles; defining oneself in a group situation; building a personal brand and reputation; getting to know business clients/contacts in different environments; exploring one’s city (and all the restaurants/venues it has to offer); receiving awesome swag and refreshments; being in the know on pop culture/business; and most importantly, LIVING life to the fullest every day!

So you may be thinking: “Alright, I understand why I should go out, but it’s easier said than done. How, even if I wanted to, do I go out on a weekday? Where should I go that’s worthwhile, and how do I get the invite?“

Relax – here’s 7 easy ways to do it.

  1. Sign up for Newsletters: Depending on your interests and profession, you probably keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry to stay ahead of the trends (and if not, you should!) Most online publications/magazines/websites have the option to subscribe to their newsletters — but so do music venues, bars/restaurants, music labels, local meet up groups, etc. —> SO SIGN UP! You’ll sometimes receive offers with branded content, but more often than not (and especially in LA/NYC) you’ll also get an invite to fun events and launch parties!

EX’s of newsletters to subscribe to include: Nylon Magazine, the dFm, SBE, Create Nightclub, etc.

  1. Use the Buddy System: Friends don’t let friends stay in. If you’re itching to network, call up your go-to extrovert friend or coworker, and see what they’re up to! Already have an event lined up, but get the feeling you might bail at 5pm the day of? Make sure to invite a +1 who will keep you accountable and give you that extra push.
  1. Social Media is the Key: Facebook always floods us with event invites — to the point where we generally glaze over the notifications. You don’t have to waste your time looking at these (because most of the time they’re fluff anyways), but when a night frees up randomly, peruse around and see what’s going on in your hood! Plus, you can see which friends are already going and have them scope out the scene before you head on out.
  1. Professional Associations: You know they always have things going on. Don’t feel like their “monthly mixer” is the only option though. I’ve found that speaker series, workshops, or even volunteering at an event is WAY better to network. Mixers and cocktail hours can feel forced at times, and too schmoozy. Activities are way better and promise higher quality connections.

EX’s of associations include: JHRTS, NAMIC, Women in Film, etc.

  1. Dinner or Drinks: everybody’s gotta eat (or drink of course). From Hollywood assistants to seasoned executives, “let’s meet for drinks” should be a staple in your vocabulary. Take the opportunity to catch up with old coworkers, get to know current colleagues in a looser atmosphere, or use it as a “platonic first date” to connect with people. You may have to dance around schedules to find a mutual time, but do yourself a favor and choose a new/trendy place to meet so you can both try something new and feel like you’re accomplishing more than just making your wallet lighter.
  1. Don’t feel limited to appetizers/booze: Don’t laugh, but I often get froyo with people I’m networking with. Be creative, have fun, and it won’t feel like you’re forcing yourself into it.
  1. The Screening Life: Really don’t feel like socializing on a random Tuesday? No problem. Head to a film screening for a first-look at what’s coming out! Not only do you watch these before anyone else, but they’re free and often have talent Q&A’s at them (which are AWESOME)! You can sit alone but feel like you did something and actually be able to keep up in that water cooler conversation at work.

For screening invites, check out: Gofobo or 43Kix locally

  1. The Event Circuit: When you go to a lot of events, you start to recognize people and see a lot of familiar faces. Believe it or not, there’s an event crew who serial attend these things — and they’re awesome. Sooner or later, you’ll become friends with them and start sharing invites/events with each other. You’ll also come to realize is that if you’re both at these things, you’ll always have a friend present!

And there you have it folks: Seven easy ways to go out and the reasons to do it. Like most things in life, the hardest part is: taking the first step, deciding you want to be a part of the scene ,and making a {tiny} effort to do so. Believe me, once you start (and after your first successful strategic-going-out experience) you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing this all along. It’s addicting. It’ll open up your eyes to a new way of living, and who knows, you might learn something about yourself along the way.

Reem Hassani

About Reem Hassani

Though originally from Colorado, Reem spent much of her life living around the world in places including: the Kingdom of Bahrain, Spain, New York City, and has travelled to many more. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue a career in film, she's worked in the marketing/publicity departments of studios including: Paramount Pictures, the Walt Disney Studios, and now STX Entertainment: the first large-scale motion picture studio to open in Hollywood in over 22 years. Her second passion however lies is in film production, where she's worked on projects shot in virtual reality for Oculus Rift, several independent shorts, and is a member of Wayes Entertainment: an all-female production company exploring the parody between modern gender roles in society. In her “spare time” Reem is developing a social media app with her sister, runs a blog documenting young Hollywood lifestyle and networking (, and volunteers through local organizations.