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The Kick-Ass Screenplay Checklist


After writing your masterpiece, please consider the following:

-Are there People of Color in your script?
Are their roles other than a thug, criminal, or throw-away character that is merely there for the advancement of another person’s plot line?

-Are women in your script only portrayed as maternal figures or love interests?
Do they speak? Is their goal something other than romance? Does their character breakdown consist of more than just physical traits?

-Does every scene have a power struggle between at least two forces
(i.e an astronaut vs a cowboy, a prince of Denmark vs his grief etc.)

-Well-written characters can easily switch genders.
Try it out.

-When you read your dialogue out loud
Does it sound natural or like you’re speaking a ransom note over the phone?

-Why does this story need to be told and why should I as a reader/viewer care?

-Have a variety of people read your script; fans of the genre, haters of the genre, writers, non-writers, actors, non-actors, your grandma.
They will all have something different and useful to say.

-Does your script scare, inspire, or elicit other emotions?

Remember that your stories will affect how your audience perceives the world so use this power wisely!

Jaz Moore

About Jaz Moore

Jaz Moore is a writer/director living in Los Angeles with her best friend Cheeseburger the tortoise. She loves horror films, fears the sun, and wears her “Saved by the Bell” nightgown more than is socially acceptable. Follow her on twitter @JazMoore