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How I Made My First Feature Film: Part Two


Kodi’s Next Steps to Making a Movie

  1. Don’t Worry About Perfection
  2. Use Whatever Free Resources You Have Available First
  3. Start Building a Solid Team You Can Rely On
  4. Have fun!

Let’s pick up from where we left off the last time: I was having my first meeting with the first actor I had cast. (EEK!)

Shariffe and I went over the script. I asked if he had any questions, he had a few, so we went over those. He told me how excited he was about this movie and how much he loved the story (that made my heart grow like ten sizes). We wrapped everything up, I walked him back downstairs, and off he went! I had had my first successful director-actor meeting. I was feeling very official.

Next, I met with Tori, who was playing my nemesis in the film. She, like Shariffe, is an actor who is also on top of it and had her script printed (mine was STILL not printed at this point, and these prepared actors were starting to make me crazy! Just kidding, love you guys). We had an excellent meeting, she also told me how much she loved the script and the story. (By this point Erica’s and my head were starting to swell a bit as well. You know, good ‘ol creative person ego.)

The only problem we had left was to cast our two lead actors. They were a REALLY particular type (40-50 year old gay black men), and I was nervous to find good actors who would be willing to play the part. Oh, and do it for no money because we had zero budget. (#independentfilmlife)

We posted the breakdown on LA Casting then, got desperate and posted on Craigslist. During this process, I discovered that you can hold auditions for free at CAZT if you are willing to give actors feedback online, and have a certain number of their people come in to audition. Seeing as I had no budget, and I was desperate to find my actors, I was ALL over that.

I wasn’t having much luck with LA Casting and Craigslist, I had a lot of thirty-something-year-old white guys submitting (and this is why people hire casting directors). However, the CAZT thing paid off! I had three actors, two in particular that I was REALLY excited about! We scheduled audition times, had a parking spot cone with our production name on it (we totally took pictures) and got settled into our audition room.

The first actor was really late. I was starting to panic that maybe no one would show up! Finally, he showed up, kept apologizing profusely, did his read nervously, we redirected him, he went again, we thanked him and he left. He wasn’t right for the role. Now, I was REALLY starting to panic. I only had two other actors coming in! But then, Lamar came in. When he walked in, the first thing he said was, “When I read this it really freaked me out, I’ve had this EXACT conversation with my daughter before. I feel like you guys wrote my life.” EUREKA! He nailed his audition, and we all knew that it was going to be him. One down, one to go.

My final actor whom I REALLY wanted hadn’t confirmed. I emailed him repeatedly to see if he could make it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it in time. I asked him if he could send me a tape, and he said he could make that happen!

I watched the video that night and he was perfect! I had found my two lead actors! I felt like the universe was smiling down on me. I could actually make this happen! Oh wait, I still had to find a crew….

…to be continued in Part 3.

Kodi Saint Angelo

About Kodi Saint Angelo

Kodi is an actress and filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. She loves learning new things and sharing information with others. She is passionate about filmmaking and wants to create a Hollywood that is safe and supportive to foster creativity and collaboration amongst filmmakers. For Kodi, there are only two reasons to make a film: to share an important story/message and to have fun!