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Our Friends at Talentboom!


If you’ve been to a Ms. In The Biz event recently, you’ll have been introduced to talentboom. They have been our incredible sponsors for a number of gatherings, and we wanted to tell you more about this awesome company!

What is talentboom? Well…

Serving a dual function, talentboom creates a direct path for creative agencies, management companies, and scouting firms to discover the talent they need for their next project. Talentboom establishes a central hub that allows agencies to easily access industry professionals through personally curated profiles. It also opens the door to the emerging DIY world of the entertainment industry. From artists producing global sensations via their YouTube channels, to budding film pioneers behind their own cameras, Talentboom provides a professional home to represent the full range of their work. Talentboom is a one-stop-shop for gaining a clear understanding of the expertise and backgrounds of the talented professionals in the field.   

Who created talentboom?

Zachary Kahn is the creator of talentboom.  An experienced entrepreneur, he has been working in the entertainment industry for over 12 years.  He is also a seasoned startup owner, having developed a mobile app for concert-goers and sports fans, as well as creating his own adventure race brand. Talentboom is his answer to the growing need for a digital home, focusing on the professional lives of those in the entertainment industry.


Who is the brand ambassador?

Burgandi Phoenix is an actress, singer, dancer and the brand ambassador for talentboom. Originally from Tucson, Az, Burgandi moved to L.A. 6 years ago to pursue acting full time. Her passion, non-stop ambition, drive, persistence and can-do attitude, is what caught the attention of Zachary during a photo shoot, in the early stages of talentboom’s development. She has worked with talentboom and Zachary for nearly 5 years and continues to spread the word of how talentboom has helped her separate her social life, from her professional life.
From Burgandi….

“When I first came to L.A., I never would have imagined that I would love doing brand ambassador work so much! Being the talentboom brand ambassador, has helped me tremendously as an actress. From meeting such amazing people and polishing my social/networking skills, to learning the true meaning behind relationship building and how important it truly is. Talentboom allows me to focus on being an actress, while meeting other like minded industry folks at events we sponsor and of course, via social media. I love testing new sites and gadgets and with talentboom, I get to learn a ton of new things about the latest, cutting edge technology; the site is just beautiful and such an awesome concept! I am so thankful I found out about the site as soon as I did after moving here! Being part of something like talentboom, where I also get to create events with awesome company’s, like Ms. In The Biz and cultivate talentboom into something fabulous, makes me love what I do more and more everyday!”


Sound cool? It is.

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