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The Path You Are On


I have been thinking today about life and the percentages of life we spend on different things. I figure that if I am to live 100 years, and I have just had my 23rd birthday, thus starting my 23rd year, I have already completed 22% of my life. That means I have 78% of my life, or 78 years left to complete whatever I may want to complete. I think that is important to realize, and to see your years of life as a percentage point and to see what percentage of your life you spend on various things. That way you make an analysis of what you are really accomplishing for yourself and if you are focusing your life on that which you are wanting, as opposed to spending time on things you feel you have to accomplish, or just time wasters altogether.

We spend so much time worrying about things that will have no bearing on the future whatsoever. We focus on small things that distract us from actually accomplishing that which we want. How much time have you spent on time wasters that don’t create what you want? Do you focus on things that don’t get you where you want to go? Do you even KNOW what you actually want from your life? Have you ever taken the time to specifically sit and think about it?

Over the last year, I have lost many friends. Some were just about to embark on the pursuit of their dreams after finishing a survival career, others were too afraid to take care of themselves because of possible financial costs. This has led me to REALLY ponder how I am spending the moments of my life and making sure that I spend my time focusing on each individual moment that I have. I encourage you today to take some time to focus on what it is you want out of your life and see if the path you are on is leading you to where you want to go. Hopefully we all have 100 years in us, but we also never know.

*featured photo by Mariona Campmany


Kodi Saint Angelo

About Kodi Saint Angelo

Kodi is an actress and filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. She loves learning new things and sharing information with others. She is passionate about filmmaking and wants to create a Hollywood that is safe and supportive to foster creativity and collaboration amongst filmmakers. For Kodi, there are only two reasons to make a film: to share an important story/message and to have fun!