Five Websites Every Independent Filmmaker Should Know


As an independent filmmaker, there are a few websites that I visit on a regular if not daily basis. They help keep me informed on the filmmaking business and offer resources independent filmmakers can use. Since everyone and their mom knows about IMDB – the Internet Movie Database – I am not going to include it on my list as I think it goes without saying that IMDB is an excellent resource for information on specific people, shows and/or films. That said and without further ado, here are five websites I think every independent filmmaker should know:


To get the latest news about the independent filmmaking industry, this is a must-read website. From popular blogs to reviews of films other outlets don’t review, Indiewire consistently supplies its readers with informative writing on the independent filmmaking community. Not to mention it also offers how-to articles and a wealth of information on the making of films. Also, Indiewire is great for content on film festivals throughout the world.


On the flipside, one should look no further than Hollywood Reporter for the latest news on the entertainment industry. As anyone in the independent filmmaking community knows (or will soon learn), the independent world often overlaps with the studio system. And because of this it would be wise for independent filmmakers to keep tabs on what is happening in the entertainment industry as a whole. Hollywood Reporter not only offers multiple-times-a-day email updates on all things happening in the business but it also has a weekly publication that provides quality interviews, articles and information on the art of filmmaking. When the top film festivals are in action, the Hollywood Reporter’s coverage is solid and informative.


I think it’s fair to say I have used this website nearly every time I make a film. It is my go-to site to crew up. There are sections for both no/lo pay and fully paid positions so there is something for everyone who is either looking to hire or to be hired in the entertainment industry. It also has a casting section and a search feature for their directory of over 100,000 independent film/TV production resources.


For any filmmaker looking for information on box office figures, this is a website to visit. Not only does Boxofficemojo offer figures on both domestic and foreign box offices, but it also provides detailed information on a film’s performance. Some listings provide the budget of the film as well as information on its distribution and release. This type of data is invaluable for filmmakers putting together a business plan or proposal.


Film Independent is an organization that aims to help filmmakers get their films made. While it is based in Los Angeles, it offers something for filmmakers from all over the globe. It is the force behind the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Spirit Awards, which honor independent filmmaking. Film Independent also hosts the annual Independent Film Forum where filmmakers from around the world come together to discuss the business of getting a film made. And if you do live in Los Angeles, a membership to Film Independent allows you access to a packed calendar of events from free screenings to helpful programs on all things pertaining to independent filmmaking.

**And an honorable mention goes to FIVERR.COM. Check this site out for a wide range of low-cost services. I had a logo designed through it and am now using it to design my new business cards.

Happy searching!