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What is Luck?


People often ask me why I’m so lucky, and recently I’ve been thinking about what luck really is, and what the concept really means.

What IS luck?

Are people actually lucky, or is luck created through positivity and personal energy given off?

Here is my conclusion:

I believe that luck is part of a positive energy field that a human exudes through optimism and gratitude for life. I believe that luck and opportunity is something created, through positivity, not something that happens to you.

Let’s break this down:

You can look at every single thing/situation in life two ways; positive or negative or lucky and unlucky. I believe that your outlook has a direct correlation with the outcome of the situation and a lucky person understands that. This is true for EVERYTHING in life. Every relationship, every promotion, every opportunity, every accomplishment, every failure- Everything correlates with everything.

A “lucky” person just focuses on the positives more than the negatives. That’s it! But, it’s harder than you think, which is why everyone in the world isn’t “lucky”.

If you start focusing on the positives you’ll start to understand why some things in life didn’t work out and others did. For example, you’ll actually realize you weren’t supposed to get that job because one that better suits you is just around the corner.

You’ll also start to notice things you didn’t used to notice such as influential people around you, and other signs that will help you reach your goals. You’ll start “running into” people who can help you with you career and opportunities you didn’t expect will present themselves to you. Maybe you’ve been wanting to go away on a trip but you keep telling yourself you don’t have the time, money etc. If you STOP telling yourself that and thinking negatively opportunities will present themselves to you. It happens ALL of the time. Opportunities are there waiting for YOU to happen.

Decide to be positive going forward, and I promise that soon, people will be calling YOU the “lucky” one.

Lindsay Cooley

About Lindsay Cooley

Lindsay's mission in life is to set an example for everyone to believe in themselves and live the life they’ve always imagined! She believes that everyone deserves to be extremely happy, no matter what anyone else says! Shortly after moving to Los Angeles from New York for the SUNSHINE, Lindsay fell in love with the entertainment industry and worked in the Adult Commercial Department at The Osbrink Agency until she was recently scooped up by FORD Models to be an Agent at their office in Los Angeles. At FORD she is able to contribute more of her expertise in fashion, which she LOVES. With a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, putting people into advertising is a natural fit. Above and beyond submitting/pitching client’s everyday she helps style test shoots, gives personal wardrobe advice and thrives on bringing positivity into any aspect she can. In addition Lindsay loves going to the beach, live music, wine tasting (cab and chard are her faves), spin class, painting and writing!