A Limitless Universe


Do you believe you are limiting yourself?

We all know, and science has told us over and over that the Universe is limitless. So, why do we as humans limit ourselves in our daily lives when we know that it’s a limitless Universe that we live in?

We literally put a cap on our own accomplishments, dreams, goals and wishes. Some put the cap on because they feel guilty, some feel selfish and others just blankly don’t know they’re doing it.

It’s not a difficult concept, but for some reason it’s one of the most difficult concepts for people to understand.

We are limiting ourselves.

How does anyone expect to get anywhere in life or get something in life that they want if they don’t believe that they can get there, or have it? Forget everyone else’s opinions. YOU have to believe it, no one else.

When anyone is having a rough patch in life it is even harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I get it. But, just because it’s hard to see, doesn’t mean it’s not there or that you don’t deserve to eventually see it and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. The ones who believe in the light and are anticipating seeing it soon are the ones who see it the soonest!

In addition, it’s almost impossible to achieve anything in life if you don’t know what you want. The number one thing that you need to do before moving forward is know what your dreams and goals are. Know what it is that you want and know in detail!

When I moved to California from New York 8 years ago it was hard for me to goal set at first, because for so many years my biggest goal was to move to California. Once I arrived, I had to ask myself, “Now what?”.

After asking myself the question I’ve since made numerous goal lists and intention boards. I set goals I knew were attainable, some a bit far fetched and others I had no clue how to achieve. But in the back of my mind, I knew I’d figure out a way to get to all of them. How? Because, I consciously goal set and do not allow myself to self-doubt as often as possible (we’re all human).

Self-doubt is normal, but honestly there is no reason anyone else in the world should be “more capable” of achieving your goals than you. They are your personal goals and there is more than enough abundance in the Universe for you to achieve every single one of them.

A major reason we can’t see our goals come to fruition is because we’re not expecting them to actually happen. We think it would be “nice” if they happened, but we don’t actually believe they will. We MUST expect that great things are coming our way, and stop being too busy doing other things to actually notice they were right in front of us to grab them.

Just for today, ask for something that you never imagined possible to happen. Why? Well, why NOT?

Great, unexpected and expected things happen to people all of the time. Some call these instances miraculous, cool or crazy. People sometimes even feel selfish, self- centered or greedy for expecting amazing things to happen to them. It isn’t selfish, self-centered OR greedy. Life is meant to be amazing and abundant. There is more than enough to go around for everyone, and not everyone wants the same thing.

Think of that for a minute. Do you want the same exact thing as your best friend? Maybe you both want a house, have a healthy family and a great career. But, I’m 100% certain that your house has at least one thing different about it than your best friends, your family vision is different as well as your career. Some people want to live on the beach, others the mountains, some the country or the city. Some want a one story home, some want a fence, others want a big yard and others a penthouse- the possibilities in life are endless.

Expect miracles to happen, dreams to flourish and abundance to flow over and over and over and to see the light. You, yourself are a miracle- don’t forget that.

We ALL deserve to have it ALL.

Lindsay ☺