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People You Should Know: Post Production in Portland


In my last article, I blabbed a lot about post-production and the golden rule of indie filmmaking that everyone should abide by, “Beggars can’t be choosers”.

I looked up the origins of this because it seems to me that there should be some tall tale involving a loaf of bread and a peasant. Perhaps that is true, but I couldn’t prove it in 5 minutes or less. However, the phrase does date all the way back to 1546. But, then I clicked the Urban Dictionary link which gave me a much cooler way to phrase the entire thing, “B’s can’t be C’s”.

Love that! Done.

Anyway, since writing that article I have been discussing post-production services in Portland with anyone who will listen. One of the biggest misconceptions about shooting a film or television show in the Pacific NW is that we don’t have enough qualified people to provide post services like editing, color, music and more. Well, I am here to tell you that is all a big fat juicy lie. To prove it, I want to introduce you to some of the team that helped me complete my latest film, Here Awhile (starring Anna Camp, Steven Strait and Joe LoTruglio). These guys are rock solid superstars. Each navigated the long, murky, stressful post-production process with finesse. Like me, they all live/work in Portland as well as other key filmmaking locations like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and more.

Meet These Portland Based Post-Production Rockstars

Michael Ward – Editor


Your film is only as good as the edit. Michael is efficient, creative and straightforward in a way that makes working with him easy. He came to the Here Awhile team after editing two other award-winning feature films also made in Portland, Birds of Neptune and Shut Up Anthony. His outside-the-box approach led to some of the most creative and edgy choices we made in the edit. The way he is able to analyze a story and move a timeline around is impressive and anyone who gets to work with him is lucky!

Chris Hackett – Colorist


Color me amazed. I’ve worked with Chris on several projects and am just about to get started on the next one, Hello From Nowhere. He’s adept at interpreting the words of the DP and Director and then making magic when it comes to the finishing touches on each and every frame. He offers good advice and recommendations on other aspects of post and has always gone above and beyond when it comes to making the filmmaking team happy with the final product. One might say he is well, a wizard!

Mark Orton – Composer


Music is the emotional backbone of a film. Mark is magnificent. His award-winning scores have graced both feature film and documentary work including Shut Up Anthony, which he and Michael Ward (our Editor) both teamed up on. In our film, his work supports the narrative with melodic guitar that elicits all the feels. He also worked to do a special arrangement to record an original version of a song, Bluebird, by a talented Portland artist, Nora Meier. Oh, the tears it brings! Every time.

Michael Miller – FX


Never discount the power of fx. Wow, can this guy turn around some FX! You wouldn’t think there would be effects in our indie drama, but you never know what will pop up in the edit. Michael was recommended by Chris Hackett (our Colorist) and what great work we got from him. Between some motion stabilization and phone replacements throughout, working with Michael felt more like a stop at the 7-Eleven for a soda and a lotto ticket, but instead, you’re walking out with all the finishing fx you need to make your film just that much better. It’s sorta like an instant win lotto ticket.

Chris Wilson – Additional  FX


Again, never discount the power of FX. Chris worked on a tricky shot at the end of the movie. It was no easy feat and he was able to tackle the work with ease like the professional he is. With many talents, Chris has also written, directed and added all sorts of fun fx to his viral shorts like #unpresidented, The Drunk Show and more. They will make you laugh, I promise.

Dog & Pony Creative – Key Art – Now in Portland & LA


Key Art supplies the public face of your film. I am so, so impressed with the ladies at Dog & Pony Creative. From concept to delivery, Bridget and Jen were on point with their ideas and on time with their delivery. They came up with concepts that were achievable within our budget and really helped tell and sell the story for our film with a fresh, modern look and feel. They truly make key art accessible to indie film producers and I’ll definitely be back for future films. I can’t wait to share our Here Awhile poster design with ya’ll soon, probably on Instagram.

DISCLAIMER: These are not the only people on our post-production team, merely, the ones who actively work in Portland. Other team members like Emilee Booher (Music Supervisor) and Emmy award-winner Alexander Verbitskiy (Sound Design) also did incredible work as well as others.

Beers, Cheers and a Round of Applause




There are really no words to express how much of their time and hearts these people have put into making Here Awhile the best it can be. I am grateful for their energetic spirits, creative minds, and continued support. From every corner and crevice of my heart, THANK YOU.

Alyssa Roehrenbeck

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Alyssa Roehrenbeck is a get-shit-done type person with a fun loving, goofy side. She believes in working hard and playing hard – at the same time. As an Actress and Producer, she began at a young age by adapting and organizing neighborhood plays based on the popular American Girls collection (yes, really). She and her pals rehearsed, constructed hodge-podge costumes and then charged parents for admission and popcorn. After graduating from studies in Theater and Business, she’s honed her skills as not only a writer and actress, but as a smart and fearless Producer. She has Produced feature films like Seaside (starring Ariana DeBose from Broadway’s, The Donna Summer Musical & Hamilton), OK KO Game Jam for Cartoon Network, Misfits (starring Paige McKenzie) for Disney’s Free Period, and loads of web series and viral content, including The Drunk Show. For more information and current projects, head over to Deep Sea Pictures.