Author Aleisha Gore

Aleisha Gore

Writer, Director, and Producer, Aleisha Gore has done over fifty shorts on YouTube (including, music videos, PSAs, sketch comedies and short films). She has written two novels that are self-published on Amazon, over 300 pages of poetry and lyrics, short stories, four full-length feature films, and a TV pilot. Currently, she’s writing her third novel (a romance), a web series pilot (an Italian comedy) and three more feature length scripts (a superhero comedy, a rom-com, and a muppet movie, she hopes to sell to Disney). She loves people and different cultures and has traveled all over Europe and South India. She speaks four languages and wants to be fluent in at least seven. Aleisha has a teenage daughter and is happily married to a Welsh musician she met on YouTube. She's producing her first feature film Chocolate is Not Better than Sex.


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