Author: Leonora Anzaldua

Leonora Anzaldua is an artist-camerawoman-actor. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Yale University, where photographer Gregrory Crewdson and media scholar Brian Herrera were among her most influential teachers. She earned her MFA at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She is a proud recipient of the SUN Cinematography Award for women. Leonora’s credits include narrative, documentary, and commercial work. She enjoys film cameras; the smell of emulsion; exploring interesting characters; practicing yoga; and teaching her little dog to do tricks.

A few months ago, I was getting together with some friends—open-minded young-and-passionate indie filmmaker types—for a happy hour hangout. I met a few new people and we exchanged the customary “So what do you do?” inquiries that inevitably make me into an oddity. “I’m a cinematographer,” I said. You see, I am discouraged that while we are (thankfully) launching into increasingly impassioned discussions about the underrepresentation of women in film production, those discussions seem narrowly focused on women in the directors chair and in the writers’ room.* Don’t get me wrong. I do agree that women (and people of color,…

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