Author Mary Lou Sandler

Mary Lou Sandler

Mary Lou Sandler is the co-founder of 3 cubed studios, LLC... a photographic, film & music studio in Los Angeles. She is a former working actress & fitness cover model. In the early 2000s she picked up the camera and is now a professional photographer, cinematographer, and director. She has shot several celebrities, advertising campaigns, and is published in multiple magazines, including magazine covers. Mary Lou was an official selection in multiple film festivals with her short film as well as two music videos. She is a published author working on her 2nd art for charity book and gallery installation (a female empowerment project) and is the cinematographer and co-producer of a new documentary film with Betsy Chasse. (co-creator and director of “What the Bleep Do We Know”). Mary Lou’s mission is to create inspiring and life changing content thru photographic and cinematic imagery. She enjoys poetry, supporting other artists, charity work, her husband, & cats.