Author Nami Scott


Hailing from NYC and living in LA, Nami M. Scott is the Social Media lead at Noise in NYC and has worked on brand voice building and social media strategy execution for Vitaminwater and Trident. She is currently the voice & face of TRESemmé social media. A self-proclaimed “Life Enthusiast,” she is also a blogger branching out into vlogging. She specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and hopes to soon expand into videogames as well. Formerly a graphic designer, hairstylist, clothings stylist, and photographer, she considers herself “creative,” but also adores a good spreadsheet. She is currently on the road to a voiceover career and tap dances (though, by no means, considers herself even remotely good), games, writes, acts, models and paints in her free time. Any Internet fame she gains, she credits soley to her dog because she’s a crazy dog lady who thinks her dog is the cutest.