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Shanice Kamminga

Shanice Kamminga is a Dutch director and screenwriter that fell in love with movies at an early age. Moving to Los Angeles in 2013 to initially focus on acting, Shanice wrote, acted in and co-produced a short film named If. The film got a theatrical release in Dutch arthouse theaters and made Shanice realize she wanted make rather than act in films. She started writing screenplays and submitted one of them - a war mosaic named Toy Soldiers - to The Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship, where it became a semi-finalist in 2016. In 2017 Shanice started directing professionally, and wrote and directed big corporate films as well as commercials, working for clients like Philips, KPMG and Dutch giants KPN and FrieslandCampina. She also wrote, produced and directed a trailer for her low-budget sci-fi drama Long Gone and is developing the feature version as well her screenplay Hollandywood: a fantastical dramedy based on her own experiences as a small town European in Hollywood.