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Red Carpet Rundown


The red carpet is a unique and peculiar situation many of us frequently face in the entertainment biz. This series will explore the ways to rock the red with style and a sense of fun, all while doing it on a budget.

For this premiere post I wanted to highlight a photo that embodies the spirit of this new publication, Ms in the Biz. The women pictured here are all contributors to this online mag.

photo(From left to right: Kristen Nedopak, Helenna Santos-Levy, Stephanie Thorpe & Leah Cevoli)

The most important thing to bear in mind when faced with the red carpet: it’s not about expensive clothes–decontextualized and worn with flair you can make something inexpensive look like a million bucks.

Here’s the breakdown of what we wore for this photo taken at BlackBoxTV’s premiere party:
Kristen Nedopak ( she wore a red dress from Audrey K Boutique ($150) paired with a black purse ($10) and a large skull ring ($5) for some genre flair.

Our Founder and Editor-in-Chief Helena Santos-Levy ( her outfit is entirely from the red carpet goldmine Forever 21! This store can keep you looking trendy but chic as Helenna demonstrates. Her sheer blouse and blue skirt were both $20 each, and her purse was $30.

Stephanie Thorpe ( for this party I managed to completely deck myself out in Bebe. I highly recommend their sale rack! I found that silver sparkly dress for $39.95 and the faux leather jacket for $29.95. Both items were marked down 60%! I finished the outfit off with a gold Aries constellation necklace from jeweler J.Nolan ($42).

Leah Cevoli ( her ensemble shows how to do a casual & retro red carpet look wearing a vintage black Ouija tee ($8), black pants from Target ($20), and a thrift store gem–a bright red jean jacket ($15).

So whether trendy and cutting edge or thrifty and vintage, each of these ladies shows off their individual styles that truly reflect their own one-of-a-kind personalities.

And the secret must-have fashion staple that won’t cost you a dime? It’s always about the smile…that’s what makes a great photo every time!

Hint: if photos and red carpets freak you out, take a cue from this photo.There’s no need to suffer and do it solo–grab a pal or two: you’ll end up having fun and forgetting about the flashes!

See you on the red carpet,
Stephanie Thorpe


Stephanie Thorpe

About Stephanie Thorpe

Stephanie Thorpe is a veteran web content creator, serving as a producer, director, writer and actor on numerous projects—in fact, she just crossed her 100-episode milestone. Recently she and her producing partner Paula Rhodes acquired the film and television rights to the 35-year-old cult comic book "ElfQuest," which they are currently developing for the screen. Stephanie also co-created and produced "The Ladies & The Gents," a web series consisting of 60 episodes of comic vignettes. That series just launched in April and will roll out through the summer. In addition to these projects she has many other irons in the fire, some of which she can share info on ("Shelf Life" "SlumberCon") and others are coming soon! A founding member of the "League of Extraordinary Ladies," she is frequently thrilled to find herself speaking on panels at Cons throughout the year. As an actor she recently appeared in "The Ladies," "Pairings," "Night of the Zombie King," and was featured on Bonnie Burton’s program "Geek DIY." Stephanie is very excited to be a contributor to the online mag "Ms. in the Biz!"