30 Days 30 Workouts: Flywheel


Cynthia Sciacca.jpgDay 4

I have never been in so much pain in my entire life…thanks to my first spin class…yay spin.  It wasn’t all bad.  In fact, it started out really fun…but now I can’t even walk down a flight of stairs without slapping the bengay on my thighs.

I went to Flywheel in West Hollywood.  This deluxe spin studio has several locations, but I went to the Weho location because my friend’s husband was teaching a “Grease sing-a-long” class.  I mean…how fun does that sound?  I was not prepared for this class.

You sign up online and the first class is free.  You know that’s how they get you.  You walk into the studio and check in on an Ipad on the counter.  You pick where you want to sit online and there is a corresponding cubbyhole with the number of your bike on the outside.  Inside the cubbyhole is a pair of special shoes that allow you to clip right into the bike.  If you already feel awkward and insecure, like me, then walking in these special shoes will make you feel worse.  When I say deluxe spin studio, I mean crisp, white walls, high-tech equipment, bathrooms stocked with high-end products, fresh towels, and supermodels welcoming you in the lobby.  No wonder this place is pricey.

As soon as the instructor adjusted my seat and clicked my shoes into the pedals, I noticed everyone in class was already pedaling away on their bikes.  I was just hoping it was going to be quick and painless.  They turned off the lights and my handsome and upbeat instructor cranked the music.  Before Frankie Valli could sing “Grease is the word” I was sweating from head to toe.  And it did not stop…the entire time.  It was like time stood still, and I was trapped on a bicycle pedaling for dear life.  I did my best to keep up and follow his instructions, but I had sweat in my eyes and my butt cheeks were on fire.

It couldn’t end fast enough.  I was shaking so badly that I couldn’t even free my feet from the pedals to stretch.  I giggled with my fellow riders about how hard the class was.  Everyone looked at me in agreement.  I couldn’t wait to flee the scene, so I didn’t stop and pose for a photo.  I think I walked bow-legged all the way to my car.  And 5 days later, I’m still sore.  But I’m going back…because I need to conquer the bike.

If you want more information about spinning, go to www.flywheelsports.com.

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