Totally Living: 5 Quick Tips to Infuse Your Living Room with Summer Style


photoYour living room or “great room” is where it all happens, so it needs to be inviting and reflect your  personality using a style that is truly comfortable, fresh and timeless. Our senses being stimulated with sensual fabrics, color and scent, all make a room feel like a place you love to linger and allow your creative self to flourish. Here are some tips for an infusion of some instant summer yum in minimal time.

1) Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers are my favorite thing to add to my living room. No matter what my schedule is, I always make time to pick some flowers up at the farmers market or the store. I love white Orchids because of their beauty and long lasting life. You can add them to a basket and place in the center of your coffee table to create the focal point of the room.

2)  Pillows

Pillows are one of the quickest ways to change your room to instant yum. Choose natural fibers and knits, as well as fabrics in solids, stripes and subtle patterns. Choosing colors that are monochromatic sooth your room and soul. Adding several pillows in colors of teals, navy, soft blues, corrals, sand and whites work best to freshen your spirits. Add large, soft, overstuffed pillows to fall into and add extra chic.

3) SlipCovers

Slipcovers have evolved over the years to be well fitted and sophisticated. Pick up a set in a white or off white cotton. I throw mine in the washer every month with a little bleach and they look and feel even better the more they are lived in and washed. Add your natural fabric and/or colorful pillows of your liking for the ultimate summer feel.

4)  Window Treatments

Window Treatments will turn your room from drab to fab in a few hours and make the most dramatic difference. There are so many amazing ready made items to choose from. Take off those dated blinds or heavy curtains and head to your favorite store an bring home and install the following.  Natural Bamboo Blinds, Jute Shades, Silk or sheer curtains in subtle shades of the beach paired with dark wood or sliver curtain rods.

 5)  Candles

Candles are another dramatic and instant way to get a summer glow. 
Sun drenched and warm secents feel like a long summer day at the beach. Clean, fresh scents feel like the ocean on a winters day.

Combine several or all of these quick tips in your living room to awaken a place inside that relaxes and inspires.