Author Jane Jameston


When the Beach Boys sang of California Dreamin‘, they probably had a gal like Jane Jameston in mind. Even today, Jane radiates a warm, ethereal beauty and translates those same qualities into her work as an actress and interior designer. A graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC, Jane supported herself through school as a flight attendant, fulfilling her childhood dream of traveling the world – which she now has – from Vietnam to the south of France. Her extensive travels reinforced for her the value of having a home that is a soft, safe place to land – a space for you to dream, to play, to work, and to share. She founded her design biz, Malibu*Jane, to assist folks in creating beautiful environments that reflect who they are and support who they want to become. With an eye for effortless, understated elegance and a brain for bargains, Jane helps you shine.