Quick Fix for Puffy Eyes

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Anyone workin’ it in the entertainment industry is bound to have some long nights and early mornings. Unfortunately kickin’ ass but losing sleep can take a toll on our fresh faces. If hiding behind a large pair of sunglasses isn’t an option for you, I have a quick fix to help ease those tired, puffy eyes.

After getting up in the morning, dampen two paper towels.  Fold them to quarter size and place in your freezer.  Go take your shower, or do another of your morning activities for 10 minutes.  Take the paper towels out of the freezer and place over your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes.  You could also rub ice cubes around your eyes, but the towels won’t drip.

It’s not a miracle cure, but will certainly help you start your day looking and feeling more refreshed!

Other quick tips for puffy eyes that require slightly more planning:

  • Keep used tea bags in the fridge (for no more than two days) and place them over your eyes in the morning for 10 minutes. The caffeine along with the coolness will help with reduce swelling.
  • The ol’ cucumber trick is still a worthy one. Pull straight from the fridge and place a thin slice over each eye for 10 minutes. It’s more the cold that helps than the cucumber, but you may find the fresh scent an added relaxing bonus.
  • Reduce your salt intake. Sodium causes fluid retention and will only make puffy eyes worse.

As a bonus tip, if you frequently have puffy eyes in the morning, try elevating the head of your bed slightly. This will help prevent the fluid from pooling around your eyes as you sleep.

Now get out there looking more like your bright-eyed self! – Brianne

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