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Be. cool. Part 1.


No one can be everything to everyone.

The web is The Sprawl…proliferating, growing exponentially.  A new, impossibly cool site reveals itself every day… whispering that you should visit, aspire to it… Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram… a new person, a new narrative, edges blurred, deconstructed hair and a soft glow, whose inhabitants live by music and cocktails alone. Where is your invitation?

There’s so much to know, so much to touch. How can you be in the know and on the perpetual cutting edge? Dip your toe into the new world for a moment and hope that they acknowledge you, welcome you, validate you. You too can have the glow.

But you can’t. The Cool is masked by filters and code. Don’t aspire, it’s not real. At least not how you perceive it to be. It’s someone else framing their life in whimsy and jazz. Just know that other worlds with their own voice and pulse exists; you can take a peek. Acknowledge them, learn from them (if you desire), maybe even value them… then let them live.

But you can define what your own world looks like. And if you don’t like the picture be your own photoshop. You have the ability. You know what someone else’s board looks like. If you like theirs better, then repin it to yours. Or don’t. Maybe just re-edit. And cherish.  Be your own model for existence, for beauty and for the experience in life. Breathe, move, savor, take in, push away. Be. Smile at the wind that is playing with your hair and making your eyes wet.  And know that it surrounds them too.


Taryn O'Neill

About Taryn O'Neill

TARYN is an actress, writer and new media producer originally from Vancouver, Canada. A competitive figure skater for 12 years, she graduated from Duke University. She has appeared on the TV shows ‘Vegas’, ‘Navy N.C.I.S.’, ‘The Inside’ ‘Lie to Me’ and plays a recurring role on the BYUTV family drama ‘Granite Flats’. She has acted in over 20 webseries (winning Best Supporting Actress at the Indie Soap awards for her work on ‘Compulsions’) as well as producing two series (including the Streamy nominated scifi series ‘After Judgment’.) She added writing to her repertoire after starting a blog in 2009, and in 2010, her first comedy script, “The Very True Adventures of the Madoff Girls,” was a Finalist in the NYTVFest FOX Comedy Pilot Contest. She has since written a full length series for ‘Stan Lee’s World of Heroes’ and has numerous web and tv projects in development, scifi being her genre of choice. In her spare time she studies all things science and trains in martial arts. Her quest to be an onscreen badass was first chronicled at her tumblr Operation BABE (Badass Alien-Fighting Body Endeavor), and has evolved into being a blog about being an inspired badass in all areas of life.