Home Decor: Keep It Light, Tips for Using White


jane picI LOVE WHITE for so many reasons. It’s the perfect color to create, inspire and soothe. It can make a room seem expansive and have amazing depth. It can be sophisticated or casual, while being warm or cool. Nothing is more classic. It is a palette that has endless possibilities to help you unleash your creative juices and get your glow on, and as a fellow “Ms. In The Biz” I know just how important it is to give your mind and soul some gorgeous space to play in.

1)  How to choose the perfect shade. There are hundreds of shades of whites. White is a chameleon that changes in tone during different times of the day. It brings out architectural details and makes other colors pop. White comes in different tones of yellow, brown, beige,(warm) blue and pink (cool).  Start with the tint family you like and choose several colors from there to test.

2)   Committing to a color. It’s a scary prospect for the majority of DIY’ers (Do It Yourself). The best way I’ve learned to test color is to paint poster board and move them around the room to see how the color changes in different light.

3)   Textures and Finishes. One of my favorite tips is to paint the ceiling, molding and walls ALL in the same color white using a different finish. The ceiling should be a matte finish, the crown molding in semi-gloss and the walls in satin finish. It is beautifully sophisticated and looks like 3 different paint colors because of the 3 different finishes. Choosing a finish that is eggshell or satin for the wall finish will make a room feel bigger and reflect the light. Matte finish absorbs the light.

4)  My 3 favorite shades of white by Benjamin Moore: are Linen White, Sandy Beaches and Cloud White.

5) White in the living room. Pull different shades of white and layer them through out the room using throw pillow, rugs, and accents in natural fibers.

6) White is a wonderful color for the bedroom. Nothing is more soothing and restful than white. I love white so much that it’s the only color sheet I sleep on. Can you think of anything more yummy than falling into bed on freshly laundered white sheets?

7) White in the Kitchen. It’s so clean and fresh. No other color is a better to display fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables and beautiful dishes.

8) White is the perfect backdrop for your art.

Now go get your Glow on 😉


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