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Unwinding From the Industry: 5 Things You Should Know When You Get a Massage




There has been much going on in my own little Patty-verse and sadly I didn’t get to check out any spas. So I decided to tell you about 5 things that often come up in a massage session with various and sundry clients.

1. You should never be afraid to tell your massage therapist if they’re using too much pressure. What’s too much pressure? On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 7. It’s the “good hurt” – you can breathe through it, and you know the MT has reached a spot that needs to be worked with. If you feel yourself tensing up, or holding your breath, it’s too much! Tell your MT and they should gladly let off some pressure.

2. It takes practice to learn how to relax. Your brain may go off in a million directions while you’re receiving a massage: “Oh that feels good. I can’t wait to go home. I wonder if I DVR’d ‘Hell on Wheels’. That Anson Mount is a good lookin’ man. Why is my massage therapist holding my head? Am I moving my head, or are they? Did I leave my curling iron on?” Just like it takes awhile to learn how to meditate, or even to enjoy going for a walk, it can take a while to get used to getting a massage. If you’re a multi-tasker, I know this might sound crazy: But your job is to lie on the table or mat, and just practice being a rag doll, and letting go of tension.

3. Ladies, it’s okay if you forgot to shave your legs. There are countless times that I hear the disclaimer, “I forgot to shave my legs.” It’s all right, I do it, too. But you know what? It makes no difference to us massage therapists. Really. Some clients are hairier than others. It’s a fact of life, and we simply are not bothered by it. So if you forget, and you just realize it as you’re getting on the table, relax, it won’t stop you getting a soothing massage.

4. Always tell your massage therapist if you have had any old or new surgeries or injuries. This will help your MT know how to handle your body – maybe there’s old scar tissue that needs to be broken down, or maybe you’re dealing with a flare up with your lower back and it needs a lighter touch. The more information you communicate to your MT, the better your session.

5. You can mix it up. It’s okay to have a whole session dedicated to just your upper body, or to break it up and have it on just your feet and right arm rather than your whole body. Unless a spa or center doesn’t allow that, feel free to say you want as much work on your neck and shoulders as possible. For me, I love working more specifically on an area when I know it needs more time.

Does this spark any questions for you? Let me know, and I will be glad to answer them for you. Do you have a spa you would like me to check out? Find me on Twitter and let me know – @pattyjrobinson.

Remember – you deserve to relax.


About Patty Jean Robinson

Actor, Massage Therapist, Pet Sitter, Social Media Consultant - Patty Jean Robinson hails from The Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles in 2005. She has studied Theater Arts at UCLA, and Massage Therapy at National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and is constantly in a state of creation in every field that catches her attention. In between acting gigs, she works as a massage therapist, a pet-sitter, and freelances as a social media consultant. She currently is co-host alongside of Cindy Marie Jenkins on WebSeries Watch, a show which introduces new web shows and creators on a weekly basis. She and Cindy also host the weekly RUGeekie Hangouts for The Geekie Awards. She’s on a quest to connect as many people as possible through shared experiences and events in L.A., because it really is a small town. When she can, she trains at the Academy of Theatrical Combat, so she can one day be a pirate.