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How To Promote Successfully Using Twitter – Cheat-Sheet Series : Part 2


Natasha Younge - smallerWant to know five things you can do to ensure promotion success on Twitter?  Whether you have a personal account, or an account related to an entertainment project, using this “Twitter Cheat-Sheet Series” will make sure you have an audience ready to hear and, most importantly, share your message.  Last time, we talked about how to build your account organically, and why this is so important.  Now let’s get to this month’s tip.

#2.  Actively engage on Twitter daily at least 3 months from a major promotion.

Jumping onto Twitter only once you’ve got something to say is usually the wrong approach.  Unless you’re Justin Bieber, it looks self-focused and spammy.  Especially when people notice you are not doing anything more than shouting into Twitter with a bullhorn.

So now the fun part: how do you engage actively?  Share, share, share, share.  My Twitter Mentor, Keith Keller, always says, “Sharing is better than chocolate.”  He also considers sharing information to be at the core of building genuine relationships in any line of business.  When you are sharing, you are establishing the most important part of your relationship with your audience: trust.

So what should you share?  Mainly, you want to keep your audience in mind.  Share things that they will find interesting.  Here are some ideas:

  • Check your Home feed.  Retweet someone else at least once per week ( or once per day ).
  • @ Reply to a tweet you like positively, or even start a conversation.
  • Share a great article you find on the web using the Tweet Button on their site ( like in the social sharing box at the end of this article! )
  • Share one complete tweet you write yourself about a topic of interest.

And here’s the part you’ve been waiting for:  Every fifth tweet, you can invite people to check out something about YOU.  This formula is tried and true.  It also gets you in the practice for when it’s really time to promote, so that you never lose track of what’s most important on Twitter – the conversation.

NEXT TIME.  How do you keep your audience interested enough to keep coming back -even while you are promoting hard-core?  I’ll be sharing more about that next time.

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.  What do you like to share with your audience?  How do you find it?

Remember to comment, share, and subscribe.  Thank you!


About Natasha Younge

Natasha Younge is an actress ( General Hospital ) and comedienne ( The Ice House ) who has appeared in television, commercials, award-winning independent film, and musical theatre premieres from Los Angeles to London. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the Drucker School of Management ('19).