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The Faces Behind the Words


227189_10150187692427231_4318306_nWho doesn’t love going to the movies and watching television.  Most people are familiar with the work of this year’s Oscar nominees Matthew McConaughey, Amy Adams, and Meryl Streep. Many folks have at least heard of the other Oscar nominees June Squibb, Bruce Dern, and Barkhad Abdi.  But can the average person pick Billy Ray, Spike Jonze, or David O’Rusell out of a line up?

Without the aforementioned no movies stars would even be up for an award. The guys I mentioned are just three examples of minds that came up with the stories  told though the actors.

Yes, movies and TV series are a collaborative effort if a large group both in front and behind the camera.  The final product is contingent on many contributions from a cross section of folks.  An actor doesn’t work unless there is a script. A story doesn’t get told without actors (and a whole slew of other people.)  But all of it begins with the writer’s words.

I had the pleasure of attending the Writer’s Guild Awards last weekend. Though it’s not a televised award show like the Golden Globes or the Oscars, it was still star-studded, the real stars of the evening being the men and women who have created the content we all love to watch. My hat goes off to all writers- famous, not yet well- known and budding writers who are masterful story-tellers and haven’t realized that their stories are need to be shared with the world.

As serious as all this sounds it was a light evening on my Red Carpet, with some awkward moments. That’s to be expected since writers are an interesting breed.   There’s a reason they become writers and not performers. Some, like Spike Jonze who won the WGA award for best original screenplay for Her, shy away from the camera. On the flip side there is Garry Marshall who loves doing interviews not to plug anything but simply because he’s a fun conversationalist.

I could go on and on but why not click on the link of  the newest episode of “Hot on the Red Carpet” and see some of the faces behind the words.


About Erin Brown

Erin Brown is a comic, host, actress, writer, and producer who appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Fox’s Good Day NY, and the front pages of Funny Or Die,, and Comedy Central’s She has interviewed numerous celebrities for her award winning series, “Hot on the Red Carpet”, including Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Garry Marshall, Richard Dreyfuss, Jason Ritter, Kathy Griffin, and Lewis Black. Erin is a regular contributor to the popular website as well as a frequent guest on many podcasts including Kelly Carlin’s “Waking from the American Dream”. Most recently she co-created and produced the international corporate comedy training series “Cutting Edge Communication” and was published in the book “That Time of the Month.” Erin began her comedy at age three in front of the bathroom mirror doing impressions of Jimmy Carter for her imaginary friend Billy Butler.