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How to Shine on Camera Without Being Shiny – Tips for Oily Skin


Oil drop on whiteLadies, if you have oily skin and find yourself cursing at your shininess, you should try being grateful instead. No, really! Due to being pretty much always moisturized – your skin will be likely to age much slower than those with normal or dry skin.

That being said, as someone who used to always be ‘the shiny one’ in photos, I understand how annoying a constantly oily face can be. Below are my top recommendations for treating and handling oily skin.

1. Don’t strip. The one thing you don’t want to do is to constantly strip your face with harsh cleansers and astringents.  I actually recommend only washing your face in the evening. Constantly washing away your skin’s oil can often signal your sebaceous glands to keep making more, trapping you in an oily cycle.

2. Avoid using hot water. Don’t stay long in hot showers, or hold your face under the water. Also any time you wash your face, use only luke warm water. Heat can activate sebaceous glands, hence why your skin tends to be oilier in the summer months.

3. Don’t be afraid of oil products. It may sound counterproductive – but oil on oily skin can be a good thing, so you don’t have to seek out oil free moisturizers. Actually, the right natural oils can be very beneficial for oily skin and slow your skin’s own oil production. I have convinced many reluctant oily skinned clients to try Nabele’s Skin Potion oil serum and their response is almost always, “this is great, who knew?!” Start by only applying at night while your skin adjusts. If you find it absorbing well, then use day and night.

4. Blot away. In my oilier days, I loved me some good blotting tissues. It was equal parts gross and satisfying to pull the tissue away from my face to see the oil stain left behind. Just remember to blot, don’t pull them across your face. Also, don’t be tempted to use regular facial tissues or a square of toilet paper. These will not only pull oil, but water from your face. You may have excess oil, but your skin needs all the water it can get, so leave that there.

5. Wait it out. As you age, your skin will naturally start producing less and less oil. It’s during this time you’ll be grateful you had as much as you did when you were younger because it kept those premature wrinkles at bay.

Now I’d like to hear from you. If you’ve been battling with oily skin, tell me about it in the comments below. Is there something you’ve tried that you’ve found works? Still at odds? Let me know!

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