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The Olympic Motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius.


Aubrey ArnasonCitius, Altius, Fortius. This is Latin for faster, higher, stronger. The Olympics showcase human beings daring to do the impossible while inspiring us all in the process – have you watch aerial skiing lately – wow.

Watching the Olympics is an incredibly inspiring thing for people working towards their dreams whether in sports or in the arts.

Perhaps I have such strong feeling for the Olympics because I truly understand the struggles of elite athletes. My father and brother both played in the NHL and I used to be a competitive figure skater. I know I have written on the subject before – pointing out that we entertainment folks are so blessed to have no timeline on our dreams and achievements.

This is not so for Olympians.

Often an Olympian’s lifelong dream comes down to one jump, one game, one shot or one skate and the Olympics only happen once every 4 years. If they make a mistake they wait four years for the chance to try again – what?

Performers for a minute please imagine preparing for 4 years to audition for a dream part. Perhaps nerves get the best of you and it doesn’t happen and then you to wait another 4 years to try again – wow.

Not only do Olympians have to train an average of 8 hours a day they have to find the finances to do so, often relocate at a young age to work with top coaches and almost all suffer numerous injuries.

I marvel at the tenacity, belief and dedication of these world class athletes. The mental fortitude it takes to stay present, calm and perform under the pressure of knowing this one moment is it, is truly impressive.

Whitney Houston sang “give me one moment in time, when I’m more than I thought I could be, when all of my dreams are a heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me”

Yah baby.

There is no better drama than the Olympic Games and no better lessons to learn on determination and belief in oneself. Actors, writers, producers etc I highly suggest you tune into the XXII Olympic Winter Games for the biggest dose of motivation ever. The games always remind to never ever, ever give up, to keep your eye on the prize and that anything can happen. Each story is a wonderful metaphor for life. Even if you think you are ‘not a sports person’ tune in, I promise it will be the best TV you have ever watched.

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About Aubrey Arnason

Host/Actor/Producer/Writer – Aubrey is a NSI Totally TV alum and a Bell Media Fellowship recipient. She started in the film industry as an actress, appearing on Smallville and Supernatural to name a few. She has since gone on to host/produce the Leo award winning TV series The Wedding Belles airing on Shaw Media channels since 2010. In 2013 she produced/hosted Shaw’s AMPIA award winning The Proposal. The co-creator of Kits, a scripted half hour series, she produced the pilot episode for City TV followed by another City TV pilot entitled The Range. The Range was top 3 at the Banff International Pilot competition and is based on her family’s experience of life after the NHL. Aubrey host numerous local live events most recently the Leo awards celebration. When she’s not creating television she’s trying a new recipe, new to the kitchen she’s discovered a new found passion for cooking!