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How To Promote Successfully Using Twitter – Cheat-Sheet Series : Part 5


Natasha Younge - smallerWant to know five things you can do to ensure promotion success on Twitter?  Whether you have a personal account, or an account related to an entertainment project, using this “Twitter Cheat-Sheet Series” will make sure you have an audience ready to hear and, most importantly, share your message.

Last time, we talked about how to avoid being a “social dumper.”  Now let’s get to the last tip in this series.  It’s so simple that it sometimes gets forgotten altogether.

#5.  Be consistent.

This might sound similar to tip #4, but there is a subtle difference. While automation is a great tool to support you in fostering a consistent presence on your Twitter account, making time to be physically present is just as important.  People start to feel your presence on Twitter once your account is “alive.”  They will be checking to see how committed you are by how frequently you post, or whether you respond to your “Notifications” ( previously @ mentions ).

Think about it in real life and you’ll see clearly why the relationships you are creating on Twitter are similar to the ones you develop offline.  Most friends and loved ones don’t take too kindly to unannounced disappearing acts.  Consistency is therefore tantamount to your overall success, no matter what message you wish to share with your audience.

Sometimes life makes detours, no denying that.  If you are going to take a break that you know about in advance, letting your audience know will allow them to keep you in mind, and to check back periodically.  If you drop the ball, be prepared for the damage control.

By following these five tips regularly, you are in a position to create a real relationship with your audience.  But, I must say, hands down, this final tip will take you the furthest in the long run.

Want to learn more tips like these?  Every month I’ll be sharing a new social media tip just for the entertainment community here.  I’m also on Google+ on-air in a monthly Hangout called Train Your Social Media Dragons ™We can slay those fearsome social media questions with some powerful tips.

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.  What are some ways you have used to successfully promote yourself, or your projects, on Twitter?  Please share with us in the comments below.

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About Natasha Younge

Natasha Younge is an actress ( General Hospital ) and comedienne ( The Ice House ) who has appeared in television, commercials, award-winning independent film, and musical theatre premieres from Los Angeles to London. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the Drucker School of Management ('19).