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How To Promote Successfully Using Twitter – Cheat-Sheet Series : Part 4


Natasha Younge - smallerWant to know five things you can do to ensure promotion success on Twitter?  Whether you have a personal account, or an account related to an entertainment project, using this “Twitter Cheat-Sheet Series” will make sure you have an audience ready to hear and, most importantly, share your message. 

Last time, we talked about how to keep your audience interested enough to keep coming back – even while you are promoting hard-core.  Now let’s get to this month’s tip.  How do you avoid going into what I call “carnival barker” mode during your big promotion?

#4.  Do the robot.

Not the dance, although you are more than welcome to do that as well.  Doing the robot here means to delegate your tweeting to an automation service that can help you to spread your tweets more evenly throughout the day.  It takes a little bit of planning on your part, but can yield incredible results, when you commit to weekly routine.

Whether you’ve got an on-going promotion, or a campaign to run for crowdfunding, you always want to keep the 80 / 20 rule in mind.  If you tweet too much about your promotion at once, you risk losing audience members you’ve worked so hard to gain.    Even if you’re not promoting something specific, you don’t want to save all your tweets for what I like to call the “social dump.”  It doesn’t sound pretty, does it?  That is because I want to discourage you from doing this as much as possible.  Believe me, I know it’s difficult to avoid, especially during a promotion.  But that’s why you’re learning about the magic of automation now.  Ta da!

Once you’ve got your tweets in mind to share with your audience for the week, plug them into your automation tool.  There are two free services that I’ve found that both get the job done well: Buffer and Hootsuite.  They both allow you to connect multiple social networking sites as well.  Besides saving you tons of time, automation will literally change your whole approach to social media once you get plugged in.

Does having automation mean that you should never tweet in “real time”?  No.  Should you never flood your timeline with back-to-back, informative, action-oriented tweets?  Done tastefully, you could fill your timeline non-stop, and keep all of your fans.  The most important thing is to communicate what you’re up to, so that new fans and current fans know that you are not a social dumper.

Want to learn more about tips like these?  I’ll be hanging out on Google+ live on-air every month in a show called Train Your Social Media Dragons ™We can slay those fearsome beasts by answering your questions, and wielding some powerful tips.

Next time.  The last tip in the Twitter Cheat-Sheet Series is so simple, that it is sometimes forgotten entirely.  Yet, it is the most crucial, which is why I’ve saved it for last.  Join us for the conclusion!

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.  What other ways have you found to avoid making a “social dump” on Twitter?

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Natasha Younge is an actress ( General Hospital ) and comedienne ( The Ice House ) who has appeared in television, commercials, award-winning independent film, and musical theatre premieres from Los Angeles to London. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the Drucker School of Management ('19).