AND THE GEEKS SHALL INHERIT THE GYM: Nrdfit opens to the public at new venue with a packed launch!


1010079_240357986146939_1108167965_nSomething awesome happened on May 10th and I want to share it with you. Because it changed my outlook on life and I truly believe that it could fill a desperate vacuum here in LA. And, hey, it may just change your life, too.

We are all busy gals, endlessly juggling a multitude of spinning plates (work! relationships! friends! family! Finding the perfect baby shower gift for your brother’s wife while planning your BFF’s bachlorette extravaganza!) all while keeping our careers at full throttle, nurturing our creative irons in the fire, and trying not to burn ourselves out.

So not surprisingly, the things that’ll slip through the cracks will be the un-fun (but necessary) tasks: laundry, bills, groceries, recycling and garbage, and that’s when your mind whimpers the exhausted plea; ‘We can skip the gym for one more day, right..?’

Now, I hate LA gyms. Too many times have I passed a gym only to hear the instructor bellowing: “Go! Go! Go!” at the students. And more than once, I’ve seen students sobbing around the corner of a gym. So, the thought of going at the start of a long day, or after having survived a stressful one, really wasn’t appealing. I remember when I enjoyed working out; when it was fun and you had a sense of camaraderie and community at your gym with like-minded, supportive people. Sounds like a naive dream, right?

Then, I heard the whispers among the nerd circles. There was something…new. Nrdfit, they called it, in hushed tones tinged with pride. Then I started seeing the RESULTS from Nrdfit goers! Wow.

So with a little coaxing, I started training at the mecca known as Nrdfit several months ago. And it changed me. Working out became fun again. It’s a simple concept: Crossfit with an added geek flair to its workouts. That little extra pinch of fairydust makes it fun again. I mean how can you NOT feel omnipotent while the Game of Thrones theme song blasts during the Iron Throne Challenge?!

Don’t get me wrong—the workouts are HARD, but the experienced instructors are there to encourage and support you—never yelling, never pushing. It’s about form and doing your personal best. So maybe geekdom isn’t your cup of Earl Grey Tea (HOT!), doesn’t matter–come check it out anyway and work out with people of all ability levels who are just excited to be there. Me? I’m a newbie to Crossfit but I’ve never felt like it at Nrdfit. Owner Andrew Deutsch is really interested in fostering a community; aside from the regular workouts there will be game and movie nights too. Deutsch remarks: “You work at your pace, with guided instruction and lots of variety. Every day is something new and we even have themed workouts based upon our favorite geek properties (Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Indiana Jones, etc.) that will always challenge you to reach your next level.”

And now it’s open to everyone. Over 100 people came to celebrate the launch at its new location. With The Transformers and Dungeons & Dragons cartoons projected on the wall, we noshed on goodies and were treated to some demonstrations (every time a new member joined Andrew did a hardcore routine. I won’t describe it–you have to SEE it!). And the new digs have all the subtle details down!

When I asked Andrew “Why did you feel compelled to do this?” His answer blew me away: “I’ve tried everything. 24 hour gyms. Triathlon training. Crossfit. Martial Arts. Nothing has changed my life more than what I’m doing now at Nrdfit. I’ve tried to combine lots of different exercise types into the same workout to not only challenge people and keep them on their toes but to make working out fun, functional and safe. Nrdfit isn’t a competition gym and it’s not a giant facility with lots of equipment. It’s small, intimate and stocked with everything you might need to get fit. Mostly it’s about the people. I like to see the changes that occur once they’re with us a month, six months, a year. The changes are quite dramatic and always inspiring. I feel like I’m stronger just by being around such amazing people, working hard and seeing results. I just want to show nerds that they can be strong and powerful just like the characters they create and love to cosplay.”


So whether you consider yourself a geek or not, whether you haven’t been to the gym in ages or have -2% body fat—you can benefit from Nrdfit. It’ll strengthen your body, mind and heart. And we can all use that.

You can find out the details and schedule here:

And the T shirts are pretty righteous too.


Let’s geek out and Nrdfit together!