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How to Build Your Empire: Lessons Learned from Raising Hope’s Martha Plimpton


Candy WashingtonAfter a productive trip to Los Angeles (more on that later in an article to come), I was on the hunt for some guidance, inspiration, and direction. I decided to read through some old notebooks and came across some notes from a SAG-AFTRA Conversations series, which are evenings with screenings and Q&A sessions with established actors. This particular night’s event was with famed Martha Plimpton from “Raising Hope” and “The Goonies.”

After reading through the notes from the session, I found the inspiration that I was looking for and wanted to share her words of wisdom with you all. Hope you find them inspiring and useful as well.

What I learned from Martha Plimpton:

  • You should have no fear when you walk into the audition room – they usually know who they want even before you open your mouth
  • Be off-book during your auditions and that will eliminate anxiety
  • You must be open, willing, and positive in order to grow as a person as a well an actor
  • The only rule in acting is to commit
  • Make your priority being able to have the option to keep acting rather than fame, wealth, or success
  • Take yourself seriously as an actor – that will free you to be able to not take yourself too seriously in the long run, because you are a professional and your profession isn’t tied to your identity
  • Advice is useless, direction is powerful
  • You never get to where you are going, they are only points of disembarkation – learn that you never ‘arrive’ and that will give you the freedom to explore

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