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Gettin’ Shot in The Headshot Truck


the headshot truck logoThe Headshot Truck.  Yup. You read that right. A truck that exists solely for the purpose of having headshots taken in it. You might have seen their ads here on the Ms. In The Biz site or read about the truck in Los Angeles Magazine  where they said that it was “the most L.A. thing to ever happen to Los Angeles,” in other words…completely brilliant for the Los Angeles market.

I’ve known the Hendershotts for a number of years now having had the pleasure of rockin’ some headshots with them in the past, so I jumped at the chance to get inside the truck so I could be shot by their awesome Headshot Truck photographers!

The Headshot Truck was founded in part by acclaimed photographer Adam Hendershott. First and foremost Adam is one of the nicest guys on the planet. Seriously. He is so down to earth and laid back.  His wife Sylvia, who is a headshot wardrobe expert, is also insanely talented and equally as awesome. In fact, she has also written numerous posts here on Ms. In The Biz about her life behind the lens. Her pieces are full of incredible tips for anyone having their picture taken whether you are an actor or not.  So that being said, I was pretty sure that their awesomeness would abound inside The Headshot Truck because their energy and amazingness is infectious. Plus, reading up on the rest of the team which includes co-founder Will, photographer Stephanie, makeup artist Vanessa, and Zac the digital tech made me giddy with excitement!

So, what is The Headshot Truck?  Well, here is the blurb from their website:

10384351_10154363069335157_8104185950809741518_nThe Headshot Truck? Wait, what?

The Headshot Truck is an all-inclusive, mobile photography studio where actors can get their headshots done. Every detail of The Headshot Truck experience, from start to finish, has been tailored to the needs of the actors we are here to serve. Our team of experts aboard each truck includes a makeup artist, wardrobe consultant and a photographer. Rain or shine, come hell or high water, our goal is to enable and empower every actor to produce a solid set of headshots, without breaking the bank or wasting time, so they can move on to other things, like say, focusing on auditions, acting classes and agent meetings.

Fast. Fun. Affordable. It’s the best way to get shot in LA.

10486960_10154339582320157_5338837867858768872_nSound awesome? Well, it is.  I hopped on the truck a couple of weeks ago and ADORED my experience, and I had WAY too many pictures that I loved to choose from.

If you are interested in getting shot on the truck go to their website for more information, and keep the conversation going about #bestwaytogetshotinLA by following @headshottruck on twitter!

And yes, you might even get to see your own face this big!!


Happy Headshot Truckin’!

Xoxox Helenna

Helenna Santos

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Helenna Santos is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Ms. In The Biz. She is also an actor, writer and producer with Mighty Pharaoh Films and can often be found on panels at conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, and has been interviewed by major press outlets including CNN. Her work as a contributing writer has been featured in MovieMaker Magazine, Backstage Magazine, IndieWire and BUST Magazine. She has produced numerous award winning short films and digital series, and her latest project the feature film “At Your Own Risk” is now available on iTunes and Amazon.