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The Right Side of the Bed


Lindsay CooleyThe other day I woke up completely on the wrong side of the bed. When that happens to anyone my advice is always to lay back down and roll back out on the RIGHT side.

*Whether you need to physically do it or mentally do it- just make sure you do it.

I didn’t listen to my own advice resulting in a nothing but crazy morning… until I snapped out of it and rolled over to the right side of the bed and woke back up!

Remember that you have the ability to start your day over at any point throughout the day.

This is how my morning started;

I was supposed to wake up early in order to get to my spin class, which fills up extremely fast, BUT I woke up late because I kept hitting snooze. I finally rolled out of bed, got dressed for the gym, got in my car and drove to my spin class. I was annoyed at myself for waking up late and couldn’t stop worrying about whether or not the bike I wanted would still be open, or if I would drive all of the way to the gym just to find that someone else had taken it.

I was already annoyed and late so when I got to the parking lot, of course, MY spot (the one I always park in) was taken and every other spot near the elevators was taken as well.

Needless to say I had to park what felt like a mile away from the elevators. Everything was making me even later for my class and I was starting to think I really came all the way to the gym for nothing.

Anyway, I parked, grabbed my bag from the back seat, shut the door and started walking over to the elevators past the aisle of cars I had driven by to get to the parking spot I finally found.

Guess what I saw?!? THREE empty parking spots.

How were there empty parking spots? I literally just drove by the same aisle of cars and there wasn’t a single opened spot… or were there?

Was I SO thrown off by being annoyed at myself and for MY spot not being open that I overlooked the THREE spots that were actually opened and closer?

How can this be?

Imagine how much we are missing in our everyday lives when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

When we are focused on what’s going wrong the things that are going right become invisible to us.

This is just a small, silly example. But guess what? These small, simple things add up and build to bigger things in life.

When you catch yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed remind yourself it’s okay to start the day over. It is YOUR day. YOU are the ONLY one in charge of the way it goes.

Once I realized that there were 3 empty parking spots I honestly laughed at myself because I knew that I had blinded myself from them. I decided to change my day around and re-wake up… this time on the RIGHT side of the bed. And, when I got upstairs to the gym, MY bike was empty and waiting for me.



Lindsay Cooley

About Lindsay Cooley

Lindsay's mission in life is to set an example for everyone to believe in themselves and live the life they’ve always imagined! She believes that everyone deserves to be extremely happy, no matter what anyone else says! Shortly after moving to Los Angeles from New York for the SUNSHINE, Lindsay fell in love with the entertainment industry and worked in the Adult Commercial Department at The Osbrink Agency until she was recently scooped up by FORD Models to be an Agent at their office in Los Angeles. At FORD she is able to contribute more of her expertise in fashion, which she LOVES. With a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, putting people into advertising is a natural fit. Above and beyond submitting/pitching client’s everyday she helps style test shoots, gives personal wardrobe advice and thrives on bringing positivity into any aspect she can. In addition Lindsay loves going to the beach, live music, wine tasting (cab and chard are her faves), spin class, painting and writing!