3 Tips For A Successful Audition


katt shooting Carrie 2-1So many actors, even some who’ve booked jobs in the past, act as if we who are casting are doing you a favor by having you in to audition. I don’t want you to be arrogant, but you have to realize you are doing us the favor of showing us your work without even being paid for it. You have taken classes, reviewed the material, put your time and energy in, chosen your wardrobe, worked on your appearance, possibly coached (which is a very good idea), traveled- using your vehicle and gas, all to come in and “read” for us.

Often the actor enters the room after doing all this work and acts unsure or even unprepared and then doesn’t understand when he or she isn’t treated with respect (which further tears down confidence). Some actors actually come in and complain about the audition process. We know it’s rough, but it’s a good sifting method because things don’t get any easier on the set.

You, as an actor, are in the room, not to “read,” but to bring the character to life. Auditioning is not a test you have to pass, but rather an opportunity to do your craft full out. This doesn’t take hours of prep, it takes commitment, self esteem and the ability to be spontaneous. During a day of casting, after seeing actor after actor try too hard to deliver what they have in their head, it’s so refreshing to see someone come in who is relaxed, owns the room while he or she is there, and acts is if they have somewhere else to be when they are done.

That requires:

  1. Confidence so you can be free, spontaneous and connected.
  2. You to enjoy the opportunity. Auditioning is your job.
  3. Let it go when you are done. And be happy about the opportunity to do your craft professionally.

If you aren’t having fun something is wrong. Being free is the key. Good luck!