Help! I Need to Find a Woman!


Etta DevineOne of the biggest excuses/reasons people have for not hiring a good balance of women in the entertainment industry is that they don’t know where to find them/they don’t have the experience. This is a semi valid excuse/reason. I’ve used it myself. When you need a gaffer tomorrow and none of the three guys available is a woman then you just use the three guys (shout out to my dude gaffers, you’re awesome) but that happens enough times and you end up with an all male crew. It is the path of least resistance.

One of the best ways to fix this is to become a member of a more diverse community. Where can we find those communities? The Internet is a good start. The issue of underrepresentation of women in film and television has started to get a lot of attention. With that attention comes more people trying to fix the problem.

Here is a little jumping off point for you to do some research and social media following of your own so when it comes time for you to hire (or recommend) a director, or a gaffer, or a writer, you have some women in your stable. I didn’t include general feminist sites or individuals in this list because it would be a mile long. These are just the organizations and media hubs that focus on women in entertainment that I know of. I’m sure I’m missing some great examples and I’d love to hear about your favorite resources in the comments.

  • Bitch Flicks is a film and media website that is full of great articles and resources. They also do regular #chats on twitter.
  • The Kilroys are a group of playwrights and producers who are pushing new work by female playwrights. If you are in a theatre company this is your window to new works by women. Here is their twitter.
  • Women In Film is a professional organization that has mentoring and lectures and breakfast meetings and I’ve been meaning to join forever despite the fact that they have a golf fundraiser. Here is the twitter for their LA branch.
  • Women In Media connect and support women in media. They also have a scholarship to LA Film School.
  • Here is the twitter for Women of the Writers Guild of America West. Lots of information and great links about women writers.