Life Can Be Wonderfully Easy!


Sarah Louise LilleyRecently I started doing a series of daily mantras around the theme of Ease.

I realized I have a limiting belief that I have to work hard (aka struggle) to have the success I want.

Working hard has been drilled into me since I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong, success often requires hard work, commitment and dedication, but it also requires trust and confidence. It is certainly more enjoyable too if you can relax and allow, and not merely muscle and struggle through it.

Life can be wonderfully easy. I don’t have to work hard to have the success I want.

The power of our thoughts is amazing. To quote Wendy Braun“Whatever you focus your attention on expands. You get whatever you think about, whether it is something you want or something you don’t want. You are the living example of the thoughts you have been thinking.” Doing daily mantras helps me resets my system and break habitual patterns. They will pop into my head as the day goes on and act as friendly reminders and I have definitely noticed more ease in my life.

My “hard working habit” is pervasive and reflected in all areas of my life including;

Money –

I have to work hard to make money – so my instinct is work more hours or get another day job. But now I’m trying to think bigger and get creative. How can I work less? Maybe start my own side business for example? For the first time I’m also trying to educate myself about money and learn about stocks and investing. Perhaps I can make a passive income that way?

Audition Prep –

I have to work hard on my audition material. I used to hate prepping for auditions and it suddenly occurred to me it was because I was forcing myself to slog away for hours! Now I do way less. I find that I’m looser at auditions, more in the moment and have much more fun. Reading Jack Plotnick’s Ebook on this topic was also a revelation! It is also less work and more fun to do audition prep with a coach or a friend.

The Starving Artist Trap –

I definitely fell into this trap! I chose to follow my acting passion over money and somehow that meant I would have to work hard and struggle. Not any more!

Life can be wonderfully easy. I don’t have to work hard to have the success I want.

Many thanks to Courtney Rioux for starting this journey for me!

What limiting beliefs are standing in your way? Have you ever used Mantras? Let me know in the comments below.