Career, Motherhood, and Meditation


Sarah Louise LilleyI’ve been meditating for over a year now and I find it incredibility helpful. As I juggle career and motherhood I find those 15 minutes vital to my well-being.

My Meditation practice had a pretty comedic start though –

Day 1. I committed to just 5 minutes and chose a simple technique that involves meditating on one word. I set my kitchen timer and explained to my 2 yr old that I was going to sit on my yoga mat, close my eyes and meditate.  I invited him to sit with me and sat in lotus position on a stack of magazines (I have tight hips.)  My son climbed all over me immediately.  As I focused on the word Patience he pulled my hair, “What you doing Mummy? You meditating Mummy? You meditating?”   When the timer went off, I blessed my practice with Namaste and rolled up my mat – it was messy but I’d done it.

Day 5. He became less interested and just quietly played nearby.

Day 6. He got out his own magazines from the rack and sat across from me!!

Day 7. When the timer went off he whispered very earnestly “Mama-stay, Mama-stay.” (His understanding of Namaste)  He did this for 2 weeks.

Day 15. I got into the habit of telling him the word I chose to meditate on.  (Honestly, having a two-year-old, it was often Patience.)  However, without fail my son would say “No! Monkey, Mummy…Meditate on Monkey, Mediate on Monkey.”

Day 20 I gave Monkey a try – I did not find it as effective at setting a tone for my day as Joy, Peace or Breathe!  But… I then spoke to a friend and yoga teacher and she said quieting the monkey mind is actually a meditation technique, so maybe he was trying to tell me something after all!

Fast forward to today –

Though I miss being able to set my intention for the day through meditation, I meditate before bed mostly now. At night the apartment is quiet and I find it a great way to download the noise of the day – plus I sleep like a baby. I’ve also upgraded by stack of magazines to an actual meditation block!

Do you mediate?  Do you find it useful? What techniques to you use? Let me know in the comments below.