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How to Build Your Empire: Tweetable quotes of inspiration from Minnie Driver


Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.43.57 PMI first fell in love with Minnie Driver when she played Benny in Circle of Friends, and then the love affair as a riveting actress to watch was solidified with her portrayal of Skylar in Good Will Hunting. With an impressive resume that spans nearly 20 years, I was lucky enough to sit-in on our her career retrospective talk this past weekend.

I knew she was very smart, grounded, and witty. If you haven’t seen her on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, then I highly recommend that you YouTube it. True to form, she was open, warm, and shared some very “quote and tweet worthy” gems throughout the discussion and I’ve compiled my favorite below for you to be inspired by and tweet. Be sure to attribute “@DriverMinnie” and with a link to this article if you feel so inclined along with @CandyWashington.

You can watch Minnie on NBC’s About A Boy and Peter Pan Live!

“You can storytell… for money.” @DriverMinnie

“There is always an abundance, even if there is no money.” @DriverMinnie

“There’s never been a better time to be on television as a woman.” @DriverMinnie

“The truth is much easier to remember… and maintain.” @DriverMinnie

“I’d rather stand in the storm with my underbelly than be someone who I am not.” @DriverMinnie

“If you’re an artist, you work within a lot of mediums. You don’t judge the medium, you do your thing within the space.” @DriverMinnie

“The whole point of acting is transformation.” @DriverMinnie

“I may not look right necessarily. But I could be right. I just need to get in the room.” @DriverMinnie

“You don’t have to write stuff. You can create it.” @DriverMinnie

“What happened if I actually fit in L.A.?” @DriverMinnie

“It’s about showing up and doing your thing.” @DriverMinnie

“You can be economic without being withholding.” @DriverMinnie

“I had no filter. It got me in trouble with the press.” @DriverMinnie

“Being young and celebrated can lead to a type of hubris that keeps you in a haze.” @DriverMinnie

“My family just asked me, ‘Who are you?’” @DriverMinnie

“Sometimes you just have to stop and recalibrate.” @DriverMinnie

“For all of the parts that I desperately wanted, I still believe that the right person got them.” @DriverMinnie

“I do believe that there is a recreational plan for all of us.” @DriverMinnie

“The dividend is that you really feel your life. I don’t care if it hurts.” @DriverMinnie

“To be big and broad is like painting with a bigger paint brush.” @DriverMinnie

“I like the power of television. The reach it has and its intimacy.” @DriverMinnie

“Philip Seymour Hoffmann was the best teacher. Not by design, but by being in his presence. He was a master craftsman.” @DriverMinnie

“Being a mother took all of the sharp edges off of me.” @DriverMinnie

“It’s very good to be challenged. It’s very good to push yourself.” @DriverMinnie

“You have to have counterpoints. Who wants to look back and just have done the same ole thing?” @DriverMinnie

“Dancing is outward. I dance everyday, with acting, you have to first go inward in order to go out.” @DriverMinnie


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