My Favorite Things (aka what to get your agent for the Holidays!)

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The Holiday season is upon us. As I was putting this blog together I realized that Ms. In The Biz had just posted a similar list by the lovely Jen Levin. What can I say? Great minds think alike! It was fun to read her list and see where it diverged and overlapped with mine.

Drum Roll please… In no particular order…. My top 7 gift ideas:

1) Personalized Journal from Sensationery. I love these handmade journals – I got one as a gift myself and now they are one of my favorite gifts to give.

2) Monogrammed Cufflinks also from Etsy, my go-to site for unique and affordable jewelry, fascinators and clothes.

3) Rosemary’s Farm is a horse sanctuary I love. A donation to a charity that reflects the interests and passions of a person is always appreciated.

4) For the Book Lover – Celluloid Skyline, New York and the Movies is my favorite book on Film. Or choose a book from one of the many “best of” lists, Huffington Post Best books of 2014 or New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2014 to name two. It might help to know if they are a tablet reader, or an old school book lugging person like me!

5) Gift Cards – so many options. I love Jen’s idea of Who doesn’t love food delivered to your door! A thoughtfully written card and gift card to a favorite store, coffee shop or restaurant is an easy gift.

6) For the Wine Lover (I would only buy alcohol for someone I have had a wine/drinking conversation with.) Gold Metal Wine Club will ship four bottles over two months for $74. Give them a card announcing the gift but organize the first shipment to arrive after the holidays – a nice way for your gift to stand out after the fray and gift giving frenzy of December.

7) Handmade Gifts – If you are on a strict budget, a handmade gift is a great way to show your personality. Although I make an awesome homemade granola, I stay away from food gifts as a general rule. Every time I visit industry offices around the holidays they are drowning under a sea of cookies and chocolate. If you’re crafty there are a lot of options. If not, perhaps a card with a list of your favorite movie rentals? Or a list of your favorite recipes? Or a list of your favorite little-known spots in the city? This is great opportunity to get creative!

Do you have any favorite gift idea? Let me know in the comments below. Have a wonderful holiday season and wishing you a fabulous 2015!

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