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The Death of Hosting


Anastasia WashingtonHosting is dead. How could I, a host myself, say such a thing. Easy now, I’m not saying hosting as a career is dead. No, not at all, in fact there are more chances than ever to jump start your career as a host. So why is hosting dead. Well, to be honest, the day of the squeaky clean Barbie and Ken teleprompter robots is what, is in fact, a dead art. So where does that leave you.

Fear not my host friends. It may be the dawn of a new era in hosting, but it’s one that’s more forgiving and much more workable than ever before. You now must sell more than your skills, now you are selling the wonderful being that is you. The age of the On Air Personality is upon us. And here are some tips to navigate this new renaissance.

*Know who you are.

To sell yourself, you must to thine own self be true. In other words, who are you? What do you stand for? What are your strengths? Once you begin to answer these questions, these answers become your brand.

*Know your audience.

When you have you Brand, get to know your audience. Take this knowledge with you to each event you host. Be true and honest to your audience, nurture it like you would any good relationship. This will let you know what to ask, who to interview, and where you need to be.

*Build your audience.

Blog, Tweet, Webisode, create content in the vein of your brand. Build your audience with content. Find your shtick and be constant and work at it constantly adding new material. Do giveaways on social media. Use the tools at your disposal to create buzz, and content.

*Be you.

This is the most important thing. Nobody is buying perfection anymore. They are buying “relatability”. So be the most authentic you, you can be. Have an opinion. Stand by it. Wear yourself, and don’t hide who you are. The things that make you different are the things that will make you stand out amongst the static out there.

*Do it.

There’s nothing holding you back but you. Are you an amazing cook? Start cooking and putting it up on you tube. Great a debating? Invite your friends over for a little political chatter. Whatever it is that you are good at is waiting to be seen. So do it. Produce it. Whether you have a camera or a camera phone. There is no such thing as too skinny or fat or old or young to host. To be an On Air Personality, all you have to be is you. Uniquely and beautifully you!

Anastasia Washington

About Anastasia Washington

Anastasia Washington is an actress, writer, producer, director, curvy positive model, and I’m sure there’s some other things she does. You can listen in to her awesome podcasts “Legion of Leia”, “Nerd Up or Shut Up”, “Its Probably Aliens”, “Geek Girl Social Club”, “Nerds in Lala Land” on iTunes and more! With over 30 years in the biz as an actor, performer, comedian, singer, she brings the honesty and laughs. You can follow her on twitter at @AnastasiaW on instagram at @Anastasiawash and on her hilarious Youtube Channel Anastationtv! Or head on over to for all things Anastasia.