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5 Five Minute Habits to Feed your Inner Life!


Sarah Louise LilleyOne of my goals for 2015 was to read or listen to self-development every day. Some days I read for over an hour on the subway, other days I only manage to squeeze in a quick video, but even 5 minutes is helpful.

Here are 5 other helpful habits that all take under 5 minutes but exponentially feed my inner life!

  1. Gratitude

I love the Gratitude 365 Ap. The icon on my phone always reminds me too so I never forget to write in my gratitude Journal. It allows me to list all the things I’m grateful for even if I’m on the go. To quote Wendy BraunWhat ever you focus on, expands.”

  1. Sun Salutation

A friend recently mentioned that she began her day with a sun salutation and then drank a glass of water. I tried it. I love it! It gets me moving and breathing and as my son often wakes me up a lot earlier than I would like, it is a great gentle way to start the day. Most of us wake up dehydrated too so the glass of water feels both hydrating and cleansing.

  1. Goals.

I’ve mentioned this before but I write down 10 goals every day, a technique I learned from Brian Tracy’s book Goals!. Some goals appear on the list every day, others vary greatly but it helps me keep track of what is important to me. It also allows my goals to percolate in my subconscious all day.

  1. Meditation

Even 5 minutes is helpful and really centers me.

  1. 4-7-8 Breath

I use this – breath in for a 4-count, hold for a 7-count and breath out for an 8-count, breathing technique – when I’m in bed. I have read blogs where people swear it puts them to sleep in 2 minutes. That does not happen to me – however it does calm and relax me. After doing this I also like to set an intention for my sleep, often around letting go of something that I’m attached to, or trusting something more fully.

Do you have any helpful habits you can suggest? Anything that only takes a few minutes but makes a difference to your life? I’d love to hear? Let me know in the comments below.


About Sarah Louise Lilley

Always up for an adventure- Sarah has crossed the breathtaking Namib Desert on horseback, done a grueling century bike race around Lake Tahoe and run the inspiring NYC Marathon. As an actress she has witnessed crimes twice on Law and Order, had sidesplitting recurring roles on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and enjoyed numerous jam-packed days on the festival circuit with such films as Blue Road, Zooey and The Date. She’s devoured Japan and Europe with avant-garde luminary Richard Foreman and collaborated with the provocative artist Julia Mandle. She has produced two award winning short films. Her latest, Nothing Happened, has screened at over 30 film festivals including; Cinequest, Berkshires, Bend, Woodstock, Edmonton, Outfest and BFI London. When she is not acting or chasing her 3yr old around the playground, she is trying to figure out when she can go horseback riding again.