Actors: Sometimes, Nothing is Better than Something


Sarah Siadat - Low Res smilingAs an actor, you are the CEO and founder of your acting empire. Everything you do is a reflection of you, your ability and your brand. This means that it’s very important that you feel proud of whatever you put out into the world – whether it’s your website, your headshot or your marketing materials – because all of those things represent you.

Be Ready for the Big Leagues

Every piece of marketing material I share with the world is carefully chosen. For instance, I spent a lot of time working on my website until I really felt it painted an accurate picture of my acting type and ability, and all my actor marketing has been hand-picked and lovingly poured over. I’m proud of it.

Therefore, if I were to meet Jon Favreau at a party and he asked to see my actor materials, it’s a no-brainer. I would say, “Great, no problem,” and email him my links in 5 minutes. On the other hand, if I were not proud of my work, that situation would be extremely stressful because I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of a great opportunity.

I always tell my clients to think big picture. Sure, with small student projects, it might not really matter if your branding isn’t impeccable. But my guess is you didn’t get into the entertainment industry to work on student projects for the next 10 years.

Nothing is Better than Something that’s Not Good

I recently worked with a client who was grappling over his demo reel. He had one, but he didn’t like it, and he wasn’t sure if he should put it out into the world because he wasn’t excited about it.

Now this is interesting, and it’s really important: If you’re not proud of your materials, you should not put them out into the world. They aren’t showing you in a light you like.

Keep in mind that when someone first meets you, they have no idea who you are. The only information they have about you is the information you give them. So if you show them a demo reel that doesn’t truly reflect your ability, you’re bound to get called in for projects that aren’t in alignment with your goals. You will get calls from agencies that aren’t the caliber of representation you want because you’re not sharing a higher caliber of work with the world.

This is Business

Sometimes it’s easier to understand this concept when we remember that our actor brand is our business.

Imagine what would happen if a new restaurant opened and they served a dish that wasn’t good. They would get bad reviews! From then on, they would be known as a less-than-adequate restaurant – not good for business. On the other hand, if they were to wait until they perfected that dish before serving it, the diner may have a completely different experience of their service.

In my opinion, nothing is better than something that is not good. If you’re not ready with a headshot you like, then it may be time to take a break from submitting yourself for projects until you invest in getting a headshot that represents you better.

Sometimes the “hustle” means sitting back and reviewing whether or not your materials are up to par. Take a breath. Look at the material you’re sending out into the world as objectively as you can. Does it match the caliber of work for which you want to be known?

What marketing materials are you most proud of? Share them in the comments below.