Empower Women Through the Art of Filmmaking


Angelique MerchantAs an actress and female filmmaker it has been a burning desire to increase gender equality in films and break the female stereotypes. I want to portray real female characters that anybody can relate to; strong and ambitious, but not perfect or stereotypical. Female roles that are empowering and that challenge the status quo.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, coming from Holland to Hollywood; It was a big step, but certainly worth it. I’m grateful to be part of the film industry. The medium of ‘film’ is a very important and powerful medium, because it is universal. Seeing women on screen, who take action, who never give up, who keep going despite their circumstances, can inspire many women around the world. It makes people think about new ways to empower girls. It is my aim to contribute to equality. Men and women are equal and we all can achieve the same thing. I want to give people hope and encourage and reveal to them, that anybody can make it.

An important question that I ask myself is; what can I do to contribute, and how can I make a valuable change by means of my art? I want to give something back to the community and make a positive impact on others by using my creativity. Therefore I am committed to utilize my films to improve our society and raise awareness for important social issues. I produce films that not only provide this kind of insight, but are also entertaining at the same time. Films that successfully manage to combine entertainment, with important social topics are inspiring to me. I would like to make films that really entertain people and simultaneously provoke them into thinking about certain issues.

My recent experimental short film ‘Two Strangers’ is centered on a young women, but it is not a stereotypical character, such as a mom or a housewife. Instead, the character is a brave young girl who finds herself in a challenging circumstance, but is still choosing to remain happy and strong. It shows the wisdom and strength of a woman. At the same time it shines a bright light on homelessness. Film can be very effective for change. It might not immediately make people behave differently, but it certainly plants possibilities for improvement. Films can be a wake-up call, a provocation to feel, think, re-think and re-feel our notions about society, love, success etc. When people start to think, they start to talk. And when there is a discussion there is change.

It is my mission, my dream to eventually make these kind of films on a larger scale. Making magic happen every day. Entertain, inspire, motivate and empower!

View the teaser for our upcoming short film ‘Two Strangers’ below, officially selected by Equality International Film festival. Please share, like and subscribe!