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Want Success? F**K YOUR CAREER


Katt SheaWhat I’ve learned after writing and directing many movies and working for decades with many actors and all the various levels of their success is that actors who want to act more than anything else in the world probably have the least chance of making it. That sounds brutal, but it is a weird truth. Why? Because often those actors are waiting for success before they really allow themselves to live and it’s vitally important to have a life if you are going to be a successful actor. It’s vitally important not to care that much. It’s essential to have things in your life that are MORE important.

Only a full person can ‘act’ fully. It’s great to work on your craft, get freed up so you can be your most creative, look good, don’t tattoo yourself much, all of that — but have a life & follow your bliss, and NOT just so you have something to put on your resume where it says ‘special skills’.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have something passionate to say when the casting person asks you that annoying question, what have you been up to lately? You, of course, know that he or she does not want a list of your credits, that’s already on your resume. The person asking wants to know what lights your fire. Who the hell are you? What are you doing with your life when you aren’t on an audition?

Can you say anything? Did you jump out of a plane because you wanted to find yourself? Maybe you bought a go-cart with no brakes and you’ve been driving it around? Learning to dance? Ride a motorcycle? Hike, even? Fallen in love with the wrong person, because you followed your heart? Has anyone died and it changed your whole perspective on life? Has anything profound happened lately?

Living a full life is where it’s at, then acting won’t even be acting any more, it will be “living it” full on and bringing your heart and soul to the table.

Don’t waste your life waiting to live until your career happens. LIVE full on and the career will follow.


Katt Shea

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Writer/Director/acting coach - credits include: "Poison Ivy" and "The Rage, Carrie 2"