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Has My Dream Just Fallen Apart?


Jasmin BristowThose of you have been following my articles since the beginning know that this all started with a dream. A declaration to make a film in Europe during a (most) expenses paid trip in the fall of 2015. The opportunity to be in Europe landed in my lap and I knew I needed to seize it and create something spectacular with it, regardless of how much declaring it scared me!

The trip came about because my boyfriend, AJ, booked a job performing with a New York based theater company who was invited to perform at one of the largest theaters in Milan, Italy… This essentially meant free airfares and accommodation for AJ and myself. It was golden!

Pre-production plans begun on the film. I spent hours researching filming locations around Europe, options for funding and grants and, of course, getting to a story. I needed a script worthy of this international film project!

And then

Two days ago we got news that the trip to Italy had been postponed indefinitely. The reasons and details aren’t clear to me at this time and they’re not important in the context of this story.

Fact is, I no longer have this free ticket to make a film in Europe…

And I couldn’t be happier!

When AJ told me the news, my reaction was, “Pfft, no worries” (I am Australian ;). “I will make this happen regardless of how it looks.” And I still feel the same way. Yes, it is going to look different now, but my goal to shoot an international film project remains unswayed. And that is such an important way to play this game of life.

Let your vision be so strong and powerful that the “how” doesn’t matter.

When you dream big and have a great vision, for your life, for your career… Nothing can stop it from happening – except you.

Roadblocks and obstacles are simply that. There is a way around. The path may not look like you imagined but if you know where you’re going, and you don’t stop, you’re going to get there eventually.

If your commitment to your vision and your connection to your “why” is powerful enough, then the details of how to make it happen become inconsequential. Let them happen as a result of your commitment.


Don’t be attached to the details

Sometimes, when we are really attached to a particular outcome or plan, the pain of losing that can be particularly great. You know that role or project you REALLY wanted to book? Or that relationship you REALLY wanted to work out? The tighter we hold on to those things, the greater the pain when they don’t work out.

As much as possible, don’t be attached to outcomes. It can be challenging, especially for us sensitive, artistic souls… But practice it nonetheless. I promise life will be brighter when you’re regularly and actively practicing non-attachment.

Stay focused on your vision, whether it is “To be a highly paid and critically acclaimed actress” or “To be happily married to the man/woman of my dreams”. Your vision and your reasons for wanting that vision (your “why”) are what’s most important.

What’s next?

This change in my plans is such a minor obstacle. I actually see it as a boon! I’m now no longer tied to the Fall 2015 deadline, which means I can spend more time building my team of collaborators on smaller, lower-risk projects here in the US. And now I have freedom to create this international film project wherever and whenever I wish! Who knows, maybe I’ll make a film in Cuba instead?!!?

In the meantime, I’m still in post-production for my first film – which I finally have a title for “Anonymous”. I’m giving myself a crash course in Final Cut Pro editing software, so I can do a first cut of the film and so I can educate myself on what’s involved with the editing process. Which will be so valuable when communicating with the editor who I’ll hand the first cut to.

I’m also beginning pre-production for my next film which I’m hoping to shoot in June.

Work will continue on the international film project. I’ll expand my research on film funding to other countries and keep building connections with talented and committed people here in the US.

Till next time…

Dream BIG + Take RISKS + Bold ACTION

Jas xo

Jasmin Bristow

About Jasmin Bristow

Jasmin is a mindfulness and wellness coach, dancer and healing artist. Hailing from Australia, Jasmin was a ballet dancer in Europe before enjoying a short but successful career in software development. For over 10 years, Jasmin has studied personal development, meditation, relationship therapies, fitness and nutrition. The calling became undeniable and she now spends as much time as possible facilitating workshops, mentoring and giving back. Jasmin is a self-confessed Tree-Hugger and foodie, gluten-free (not by choice). Giver her cups of tea for hugs.