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The Making Of A Documentary: Part Four


Victoria MarieSlow and steady wins the race. Of late this has been my constant personal mantra. Intellectually I know this to be true and for many reasons that is the way things are flowing naturally right now anyway but it goes against my everything-in-a-New-York-Second mind set. As a native New Yorker I have two speeds, breaking the sound barrier and dead. Five months in and May feels like it was one of those months that very little happened. To be fair a true assessment of what I did accomplish is necessary.

Let’s review, shall we? In Part One, which was written in March (2015) I had just come off the heels of two months (Jan and Feb) of intensive research and became official (in my mind anyway) when I bought the domain name and began working on the logo for the Facebook page. Then in Part Two I continued working on the logo and started the ball rolling with conversations of potential team members. Finally in Part Three progress. The logo was done! and the Facebook page was launched (April). Yippee!! And as well I started the online art series, the “Silver Sister Series” to bring awareness to the project. The next huge hurdle was and still is the website. And last month for sure I thought I’d have it done so that in this article I’d be writing all about it and sharing the link but oh no, it was not to be. I did “try” to get a site up but the company I had bought the domain name from (1and1) did not deliver (sans all the gory details) which set me back even further. This turned out to be a good thing though because I went back to researching the topic of website building on YouTube, my trusted resource and having done so I discovered I should use HostGator to host my website and use WordPress – the free option – to actually build my site.

So what all did occur last month? The two most notable items for last month were/are,

  1. the continuation of the art series which is coming to an end in a few weeks as I want to move onto other things
  2. and the launching of my online retail store for the movie.

Doing the art series, which can be seen on the Facebook page in its entirety, has thus far turned out to be the largest generator of interest. Unequivocally the series has brought many more eyes to the FB page and thus the project than I would have otherwise had however I realize it is now time to move forward hence one of the reasons to conclude the art series. The other big item is my online retail store. Essentially a way to generate income for the making of the movie. I realize it’s not going to fund my movie completely or even half but every little bit counts. The official launch of this store will be this Wednesday June 3rd. I had a soft launch a few weeks ago and made a sale which is very, very exciting so now’s the time to have the official launch.

The goals for this month (June), so I’ll have some great things to report next month in Part Five are to build my website, set up a Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram account exclusively for the movie, begin mapping out the schedule for the shoot as in dates and where (which states will I travel to?) and to hone in on who should be on my budget and team. As I mentioned last month I’m currently a team of two – my mom and me. My mom does all the incredible art work and I have to say this project would not be where it is today if it were not for her. Quite serendipitously she has turned out to be my secret weapon. I’m incredibly lucky because it was not planned at all that she would be doing all that she’s doing. It just happened.

So did I accomplish a whole lot this past month? Well…not nearly as much as I had in my mind but I see now there is an ebb and flow to all of this. Next month will be stellar with major accomplishments and movement foreword followed by a month of feeling slow. I’m ready.

Til next time…Victoria xox

Victoria Marie

About Victoria Marie

Victoria is an actress on the move. Starting her career later in life she realizes the odds are stacked against her but as she puts it “I just don’t care. I’d rather die trying than say I shoulda, coulda, woulda.” She is inspired by Kathryn Joosten’s journey and even has her picture as her main photo on her phone to remind her every single day of her journey. Victoria’s journey is being documented on her YouTube channel aptly named ‘Baby Boomer Actress.'