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Level Up: Turning your Acting Career Into a Game – Level One


So you decided to be an actor. Player One, you are ready to join the game. You know that you have a lot of things to do before you can achieve your high score. True, some have beginners luck and jump right on the score board. For those lucky few, there are still many levels and trophies they may have to back track to reach. Here’s your players guide to getting on the board.

Level 1

As anxious as you are to move on to the good stuff, we all have to start somewhere. Level 1 is the basis for all your hard work ahead. It’s base camp. Your foundation, in case you get knocked down a few levels and need to refuel. So make this level the strongest. Ready to leap into the game? Let’s go!

Small Pond

Your home planet, pond, village is and will always be your refueling station. Having that back bone of accomplishment and comfort is important. Make this your own before venturing off.


We all need resources to help us through the long and winding journey ahead of us. Most of this is common sense. Food, water, a roof over your head. Some aren’t. Classes. Projects and experience under your belt. For a while you must become the yes person. Yes, I’ll do your student film. Yes, I will work as an AD. Oh, an actor dropped out, lucky I’m here. Work. Tape it. Create work. Get a reel. Get your supplies.

Head shots, Reels, Cards, Websites. These are the tools of the trade. Don’t be caught without them. Prepare. Work. Always be learning. These are important for your stats. Health, Endurance, Power, all of these can get low if you are under prepared.


Maybe don’t head straight to the leader board and to snatch an Oscar. Start smaller. You may not be the best actor in a film. You may be. You could however win a stand up competition, appear in a fringe festival, or just produce a body of work that you can take with you, something to give you confidence and pride. You’ll need this for when people try to knock you down. So be sure to keep it all handy.


Health is a stat you have to watch and watch carefully. Keep your mind and body healthy. Now I’m not saying going vegan, meditate, learn Jedi mind tricks, although some of those can work. No, what’s really important is to remember that you are your product in this industry. When a business has an asset that makes them money, they care for it and make sure it’s in working order. When you are wandering down the path of show biz, check your stats. Is your health bar depleting? Are you run down, sad, unhealthy?


Find one. It can be small. No matter how small, there is power in numbers. The sidekick or partner that watches your back, a person who like you, has dreams and supports yours. It could simply be someone who truly believes in your talent. You will pick some up on the way. They will be your favorite to take on challenges with. When they need rescue you’ll be there, and vice versa. It’s one of the things that will make the journey so exciting. Either way, with someone beside you, you can take on level after level and take the final stages to achieve your personal high score.

Player one you are on the board.


Anastasia Washington

About Anastasia Washington

Anastasia Washington is an actress, writer, producer, director, curvy positive model, and I’m sure there’s some other things she does. You can listen in to her awesome podcasts “Legion of Leia”, “Nerd Up or Shut Up”, “Its Probably Aliens”, “Geek Girl Social Club”, “Nerds in Lala Land” on iTunes and more! With over 30 years in the biz as an actor, performer, comedian, singer, she brings the honesty and laughs. You can follow her on twitter at @AnastasiaW on instagram at @Anastasiawash and on her hilarious Youtube Channel Anastationtv! Or head on over to for all things Anastasia.