Uplevel Your Career In Acting Class


So you’ve got a degree in theater, or completed an acting program, congratulations! Now you’re ready to step into the world of professional acting. Gone are the days of scene study class, because now you know everything you need to know… right? Wrong!

Recent graduates often feel like they don’t need to spend more time in the classroom because, c’mon, they were just there for sixteen years! While that sentiment is completely valid, I’m here to tell you that enrolling yourself in a professional acting class is one of the most powerful ways you can move your career forward quickly.

Surround Yourself with Professionals

The most important difference between a University-level acting course and a professional class is just that: the professional course is filled with professionals.

The actors you will meet in class are people who understand the lay of the business (which is especially important if you’ve just moved to a new city). They have agents, managers, friends who work in the industry and they have experience with the Union. Most likely they can answer the nuts and bolts questions you will inevitably find yourself burning with as soon as you take the leap into the professional world.

Take advantage of their knowledge by jumping right in and asking questions. Socializing with your fellow classmates for a few minutes after class will help you build the foundation of a stellar career.

Raise the Stakes

The moment you step into your professional acting class you’ll feel the higher stakes: these people have made sacrifices to be there and learn to be a better actor.

For these actors, class is deadly important because it could mean the difference between booking the next job or not. They have spent their hard-earned money and taken time out of their day jobs to be fully present. You will find them to be prepared, serious, and dedicated to their craft.

This kind of environment can only benefit. Knowing that industry professionals are watching you work will instantly bring out more colors and intensity from your performance and level of commitment. It’s possible that your classmates will be future collaborators, or give you an amazing referral to their agent.

Reach Out

Ready to find a professional acting class to uplevel your career? The best place to start is by asking for recommendations from friends who have classes they like. Look for teachers that offer an audit or free seminar so you can make sure you like their style before you take the plunge. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll see how many options there are and get to choose from many great teachers!

Remember: Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity: So Create your own Luck!

How do you foresee yourself benefitting from a professional acting class? Leave a comment below.