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How Many Boxes Are You?


Six. I’m about six boxes… plus a suitcase. That’s it. “My life”, the large majority of my possessions fit into six boxes. Everything I own, from a make-up brush, to some decorative cushions to my sentimental keepsake box. In general I’ve gotten pretty good at being a minimalist.

As I sit here, surrounded by boxes, in our gorgeous little sub-let in Harlem, New York City, I’m filled with mixed emotions about leaving. Yep, that’s right, L.A, we’re coming back!

AJ (my gentleman love) and I moved here in February 2014, when AJ booked a huge off-Broadway show. At the time we had no idea how long we’d be here. We were open to the possibility that it could be months, it could be years.

It was 10 months before we went back to visit LA. In that time the show had closed and we’d decided to stay here a while. We’d both secured ourselves agents and I was madly in love with the city and not ready to leave.

After that first trip back to LA we got bitten by the “bi-coastal bug”.

There’s a lot to living bi-coastally. In my next article I’m going to get into more detail about the pros and cons of it. And also get into the question that so many people ask, “Should I move to [Name Your City here] for my career?”

In the meantime, how many boxes could you whittle your life down to? Are there any possessions you are attached to? And how do those possessions serve you?

For now, it’s back to last minute packing and cleaning, saying final farewells and hitting the road for an epic road trip back to the west coast!

Peace in all your travels,
Jas xo

*photo courtesy of Dollar Photo Club

Jasmin Bristow

About Jasmin Bristow

Jasmin is a mindfulness and wellness coach, dancer and healing artist. Hailing from Australia, Jasmin was a ballet dancer in Europe before enjoying a short but successful career in software development. For over 10 years, Jasmin has studied personal development, meditation, relationship therapies, fitness and nutrition. The calling became undeniable and she now spends as much time as possible facilitating workshops, mentoring and giving back. Jasmin is a self-confessed Tree-Hugger and foodie, gluten-free (not by choice). Giver her cups of tea for hugs.